7 signs you are a typical “Waffarian”

Source: Jovago.com
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The term “Waffarian” used alternatively for waffi or waffiman, has over the years been used to refer to people from Warri, Delta State , Nigeria. While a lot of jokes have been made about them and certain people who admire claim to be part of their creed, very few actually have that coveted “typical warri” credibility.

In this article, Jovago.com, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking portal, discloses 7 signs to spot any typical waffarian. From the use of a unique brand of pidgin to ridiculously loud banters these signs are sure bankers.

They have actually lived in Warri
To be a considered a real waffarian, you must actually be a native of one of the three main ethnic groups: the Ijaws, the Itsekiris and the Urhobos, who claim original ownership of Warri. And not only that, you must have lived in this town at some point in your life. The main sign that you are a typical waffarian is when you know first hand the culture and values of the people, and this is learnt by cohabiting and socializing with locals in the area.

They are fluent in that special pidgin
Waffarians are easily marked by their special brand of pidgin. For instance, a normal Nigerian would translate “that girl is crazy” as “dat girl dey Krays” but a typicalwaffarian would rather say “she dey para”. Another thing about waffarians also is that they are so proud of their pidgin that it has become their go-to language. They throw it at anyone they encounter in the area and sometimes even get offended when they get a reply in clean English.

They love Banga soup
It is no secret that Banga soup -whether with starch or pounded yam- is a favorite ofwaffi people. There are literally hundreds of restaurants that offer the cuisine around the city and the natives never give up on patronizing these food joints. Any person whose first pick of local meal is Banga and starch, 8 times out of 10, they are typicalwaffarians.

They have long native names
The waffarians are very proud of their heritage and so you find the real ones have native names which they use rather proudly. These names are usually very long and have varied meanings, although most of them make reference to God as this tribe are a religious lot. Some examples of their names include: “onetoritsebawoete” meaning “whom the lord is with cannot be put to shame”, “Ogbaghabkomi” meaning “they taught me to be wise”, and so on.

They are never fazed
They are bold and hardly ever turn down any challenge thrown at them. They also are very confident in themselves. You hardly find a waffarian depressed or threatening to commit suicide based on a dilemma. They face issues head on and are almost always optimistic about their situation.

They have a knack for banter
A knack for banter is another major sign. Warri people are verbal and quite witty too. They coin their words in very interesting ways and would never relent in a verbal fight. They are also very expressive, quick to give their opinion, no matter the situation and can be very loud while at it. It is no wonder comedy thrives greatly in the area, as they are the group of people most talked about actually by Nigerian comedians.

Respect is important to them
Waffarians are very particular about respect. It means everything to them and they would do anything to earn it. Also, when they are denied the respect they believe is due to them, they become uncooperative and sometimes even belligerent. The first question they ask when challenged is: “Who you be sef?!” as they see a challenge, first as an impending show of disrespect.