Kano business community calls for inclusion in policy formulation

By Abubakar Haruna Muhammad -The Nigerian Voice, Kano
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The business community in Kano has called on the state government to include real business people at the formulation stage of policies that affect the business sector for compatibility and easy adoption.

The call was made by an economist and member of the state business community Alhaji Murtala Mai Sallah during a media chat in Kano.

According to him, the reason why most business policies failed was that the real business men were not being involved at the formulation stage but usually involved at the implementation stage adding that in most cases implementing what you know nothing about doesn’t work.

He therefore urged governments at all levels to, as a matter of urgency, involve actual businessmen in formulating policies affecting the business sector.

He also attributed the present inflation in the country to some government’s policies that failed to look at the business community and the people.

According to him if such policies were taken in conjunction with the business community the present inflation would not have been around.