Real reasons Gov. Wike’s two work-free days included the banks

By APC Rivers

Credible information available to the Rivers State chapter of Progressives Congress, APC, has unveiled the real reasons why Gov. Nyesom emphasised that banks remain closed during the two work-free days he declared yesterday for Thursday and Friday.

As part of his ploy to woo voters across Rivers State, Gov. Nyesom Wike had repeatedly announced that N2bn has been set aside for disbursement to beneficiaries of the State microfinance loans in support of PDP candidates in the re-run elections of March 19, 2016.

However, with no fund available for the purpose, the governor ordered the 23 LG Council Caretaker Chairmen to deposit N4.5m each to the Chairman of Rivers State Microfinance Agency last week. But considering the paltry nature of the total amount collected compared to what is required, the governor and his men instead decided to announce Thursday and Friday as work-free days going into Saturday rerun elections.

The idea is that prospective beneficiaries who already have been notified will be persuaded to still vote for PDP candidates believing that after the elections they will begin to collect their loans from Monday.

However, the government of Gov. Nyesom Wike has other plans for them. There will be no loan to be disbursed to anyone as fresh stories will be advanced after Saturday’s election and that will be the end of the loan arrangement.

One vivid example that the loan is a hoax is how the disbursement was being speeded up before the Supreme Court judgment believing that there will be a governorship rerun election when it would have been used to get votes from beneficiaries for the governor. But as soon as the Supreme Court affirmed Wike’s election, all arrangements for disbursing the loan died only to be revived close to the legislative rerun elections. Unable to disburse the money two days to the rerun elections compelled the governor to declare Thursday and Friday work-free non-banking days just to fool the intending beneficiaries in exchange for their votes. The two work-free non-banking days will be advanced as the reason the loan disbursement has been shelved to Monday.

But the APC can assure supposed prospective beneficiaries of the loan that with the election gone, the government will advance other reasons why the loan disbursement cannot happen. The question remains: why was the loan disbursement put off after the Supreme Court judgment only to be brought up close to the rerun elections?

The APC wishes to appeal to all those who have been promised will benefit from the microfinance loan to forget it and vote for candidates of the APC as the governor of Rivers State and his henchmen do not intend to advance any loans to the people. It is a ruse only advanced to curry votes.

Chris Finebone
State Publicity Secretary
Thurs, March 17, 2016