APC condemns Wike's unwarranted attacks on Amina Zakari, Army

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The Rivers State chapter of All Progressives Congress, APC, has condemned

the underserved verbal assaults Gov. Nyesom Wike is unleashing on key

stakeholders in the March 19 Rivers State rerun elections especially his

accusations of partiality against Mrs. Amina Zakari, a National INEC

Commissioner and the Nigerian Army.
The APC in a press statement signed by its Spokesman, Senibo Chris Finbone

said it finds the accusation by the governor that Mrs. Zakari is on a

mission to swap elections results with fake ones as outlandish and coming

from a convoluted, polluted and troubled mind that lays claim to being a

master of election rigging.
The party reminded Gov. Nyesom Wike that Mrs. Amina Zakari has an

excellent record of supervising some of the relatively best elections by

INEC in the past and no amount of frustration from politicians with fast

declining fortunes and zero moral reputation like Nyesom Wike can tarnish

her record or demoralise her spirit in conducting free, fair and credible

rerun elections in Rivers State come March 19 .
The recent attacks on Mrs. Amina Zakari by Gov. Nyesom Wike according to

the APC, “seems to be a corollary to his earlier repeated death threats to

INEC personnel when he advised them to write their will before coming to

conduct the rerun elections in Rivers State. Therefore, his present

vituperation appears to be the beginning of implementing his earlier

threat. Wike had this to say yesterday: “All those who plan to swap result

sheets, may their souls rest in peace. Nobody will rig in Rivers State.”

He did not say that the law will take care of such violators of the law.”

The APC who noted that it abhors and does not engage in rigging and other

electoral malpractices, said “our party fails to understand whether it is

within the powers of Gov. Wike to apprehend, try and kill suspected

violators of the law. What is clear from Wike's threats is that killings

have become his past time and that he can chose to visit death on anyone.

Another glaring point from his utterances is that he is unwittingly

exposing how he rigged elections in the past especially the 2015

elections. As a result, rigging has become entrenched on his psyche and

the eternal fear of rigging throws him into fits of nightmare every now

and then.”
The statement read further: “The APC believes that the Nigerian Army has

taken due notice of the media war Gov. Nyesom Wike has launched directly

and sometimes through paid agents against it just to stampede and

demoralise the army from ensuring that criminality is checked in Rivers

State. Rather than commend and support the Army for providing support to

the Police who appear overwhelmed by the spate of violence by the

governor's supporters, Gov. Wike has decided to orchestrate a campaign of

calumny and blackmail against members of the military who put their lives

on the line to safeguard the citizenry and make Rivers State safe.

“Members of the APC have watched with consternation as Gov. Wike

recklessly insults and assaults the Nigerian Army and sometimes

threatening them.
“The APC can only offer Gov. Nyesom Wike a free advice. If he is serious

about confronting the army on election day and forcing himself into INEC

office, it might be needful for him to WRITE HIS WILL because the Army

does not take prisoners very often.”
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