Who Is Your Brother?

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(Caveat: Another long read).
Some may wonder why the question at a time when virtually everyone is dancing surugede (dance of the spirits) in Rivers State. Well, this is a narrative of Rt.Hon.Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi and the meretricious gang of adversaries.

If there is one Governor whom I have even physically opposed beyond social media, is former Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi. I am one Rivers man who has opposed all the bad policies and bad politics of former governor Rotimi Amaechi. Though I may not like some of his comments, but I like this man's guts. Today I am not writing as an Amaechi challenger or as one of his tactless minions, however I cannot deny that sometimes he is like the braggadocious American musician (Kanye West). But truth is, he delivers most of the time. He tells his story by himself and I like that about him too. Hate him or love him, Amaechi is now becoming a brand (notwithstanding, your definition of brand may differ).

Although some may still argue whether he performed creditably well as former governor of Rivers State or not, but the facts are there. Fact is, Amaechi did so well in his first tenure even though he later became a politician in his second tenure. Anyways, what do you expect from a soldier who is 'probably' pushed to the wall in his second tenure? Be the judge here.

Like Bola Ahmed Tinubu, like President Muhammadu Buhari, like Mallam Nasri El-Rufai, Rt.Hon.Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi knows the right 'mumu buttons' of the average Rivers man that he can press to get his results. It would be foolhardy and a show of sheer hypocrisy laced in hatred for anyone to say Amaechi's first tenure alone did not outperform Odili's two tenures. Although some of his followers calls him “the lion of this and the tiger of that”, some even say he is “the leopard of their tribe, others say he is the 'apple' of their world”. I have no qualms with all these sobriquets and suffixes; however, I beg to differ from all of those. To my mind, no mortal should be ascribed with such appellations, not even my own Father. But, this is simply my opinion.

I cannot agree less with Professor Pat Utomi's quasi drivel that; “Nigeria is full of certificated illiterates”. The Prof was right; Rivers State is full of certificated illiterates most of whom are Young people. I read somewhere (an unknown author) that “social media has created a jealous illusion… some of you are envious of things, relationships and lifestyles that do not exist”. Likewise, some of us come on social media to display our bereftness and sycophancy. You can only understand this when you come on social media virtual platforms like facebook. Thanks to Mark Zuk… and his Facebook team for allowing us to ventilate for free.

Today, Rivers State is so doomed that some Young people now pride themselves in either defending or accusing Amaechi daily like Lai Muhammed does to GEJ instead of engaging the Wike's government positively for the benefit of everyone. The two kinds of Young people in Rivers State are the Amaechi worshippers or, the Wike praise-singers, who can even kill just to make a point that they are loyal and committed to the Wike's vision. Whilst this is going on, Amaechi is living on our commonwealth as a federal minister and Wike is still suckling us dry as Mr.Governor while we are here (on social media) abusing ourselves 'your mama, your papa, you dey craze, you dey mad' for their sake. Are we not truly crazy?

Young people have so lost it in Rivers State that they only wait on Amaechi's tweets, podcasts, interviews etc so that they can either distort the facts in his statement and abuse him or they will sit on their keyboards all day defending his vitriolic stance with their last blood. My people, whether you hate, abuse or consult “amadioha” (swear) for Amaechi he will not bat any eyelid to it. Whether you defend the bad policies and encourage the intolerant politics of Wike, you will one day be the scapegoat. Mark these words.

Still moving on. Just recently the City of Port Harcourt was agog because the lion of this and tiger of that came into town. As usual, he granted interviews. Of all the things Amaechi said in his interview, Young people are only interested in four words out of the uncountable things he said. It discombobulates me that a man granted two hours interviews differently (one hour at Focus Nigeria on AIT and the other at Rhythm 93.7FM), and only four words mattered to Young people. Today, “WHO IS YOUR BROTHER” is trending to be the most significant statement in Amaechi's interviews. Pitiful.

Okay, let us look at whom we should call a Brother in Amaechi's context. I have read series of testaments either for or against this “WHO IS YOUR BROTHER” mantra. Some have likened that phrase to mean Amaechi taking his usual swipes on former President GEJ. As a result, they have come up with unending lists of Rivers names appointed under former President GEJ. Of the long lists, I would love to x-ray just a few names. But before then, I want to state unequivocally here that for me a “Brother is one who shares his pains and gains with me and the one sticks with me through thick and thin. Again a Brother is the one who is not scared of opening the space for me to thrive, the one who is not scared of my content, Simply put, a Brother is one who is not scared of my progress”.

Now, it is known fact that we had a Chief of Army Staff (COAS) from Rivers State under former President Goodluck Jonathan. He is from Opobo town in Rivers State. Find out, how many Opobians he recommended for any kind of job? How many Rivers people did Gen.Minimah empower? How many Rivers people were recommended for DSS or even Army recruit? Can you comfortably call Gen.Minimah your Brother? Tell me.

Before we get tired of reading this narrative, let me quickly mention one Major Lancelot Anyanya (Rtd) from Ataba Community in Andoni LGA of Rivers State. This man was (and still is I guess), the DG of National Oil-Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA). Please ask him, how many Ataba or Andoni people are even working with him? How many Rivers people are working at NOSDRA? How many Rivers people has he empowered or even recommended? Instead he opted to lavish his greed in lusting for the Governorship of Rivers State before Wike hijacked the party, which stymied his selfish ambition. Now I ask again, can you proudly call Major Lancelot Anyanya (Rtd) your Brother? I am waiting to hear.

Still on the “WHO IS YOUR BROTHER” matter. Do know one Dr.Reynolds Bekinbo Dagogo-Jack? He was the Chairman, Presidential Task Force on Power. This man enjoyed his closeness to the presidency and shut the door for others (even his household). He is from Abonnema City. Please ask around, what did he do with that position. Now, in the Amaechi's context of “WHO IS YOUR BROTHER”, can you call this man your Brother? Biko, answer.

It is known fact that former President GEJ appointed a lot of Rivers people, but they were all greedy and selfish. They all served their pockets. However, we cannot judge Dakuku, Amaechi and Ibim yet. They are yet to settle-in as PMB appointees, let us give them small time and see how they'll fare. Let us see what Amaechi will do for Rivers people and Rivers State as a federal minister, it is too early to judge them.

To be continued…
Written by Maobuye Nangi Obu.

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