I Have Been A Peacemaker Not A Trouble Maker In Ogoni—Senator Abe

By Abe Media Aide

Senator Magnus Ngei Abe, All Progressives Congress (APC), candidate in the Rivers South East Senatorial District re-run election has said that he has always been a peacemaker than a trouble maker.

Speaking at a rally at Bera in Gokana Local Government Area, Abe said that he has an antecedent of making peace among the Ogoni people.

Said he: “I have worked for peace and may God forgive me because I have promised people I will never brag about peace, because it is only God who gives peace. But since these people want to talk about my character, I will talk about my character. When Kenneth Kobani was Commissioner for Finance, in Bodo, his hometown, over 50 people died. They were put into wells. Kobani was detained by SSS for over 2 weeks for his complicity in those acts. I was the one who went there to sympathize with the people. I brought peace”

“When people were dying in Sogho, Kaani, Kpong and women could not go to the farms in Nyokhana, I was the one who went there to sympathize with the people. I also brought peace. Is that the life of somebody who will kill Ogoni people? This PDP people are liars and our people know that.

...They cannot determine the direction of the Ogoni people because we know them. They are doing whatever they can to smear my name because they know my own is better than a lot of their own. Lee Maeba, Kenneth Kobani, Dum Dekor and Olaka Nwogu are my children. I am their father. When they finish misbehaving, they will come to me and I will forgive them.”

In his own speech, the Minister of Transportation and former Governor of Rivers State, Rt. Hon.Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi thanked the Ogoni people for their support and massive turnout for the ward rally stating; ‘’it shows you people are serious”.

He urged the people to ignore those who had worked against the UNEP report implementation.

“Like Magnus said, for 6 years, we were begging President Jonathan to please deal with the issue of UNEP report. All those people who are now shouting UNEP report, UNEP report, is because they have heard that the President has released $1 billion dollars and typical of PDP, they want to steal the money. This $1 billion dollars, they will not share the money. President Buhari is serious about anti-corruption to share the money. This $1 billion dollars is naked wire. If you chop it, you will die. So, I’m not afraid of that. This $1 billion dollars that is going to go to you for UNEP purposes will be discharged according to law. I am sure, they are regretting why they did not bring out the money to share earlier. They thought they will win so that they can share it this time. Now, they didn’t win and President Buhari will not allow the sharing. It will be used to clean up Ogoni”.

Speaking further, the minister accused the PDP candidate in Rivers South East Senatorial candidate, Mr. Olaka Nwogu of diverting funds meant for the construction of roads in Ogoniland.

“Olaka Nwogu was given contract to do road from Eleme to Oyigbo passing through Tai for almost N17 billion. You know that we are now in charge of NDDC. So, we have the records. If he denies it, I will bring out the record. It’s from the Ministry of Niger Delta. And that money is gone. Olaka, I don’t know how he got his hotel. But, I know he has hotel. So, if you vote for Olaka, there will be more hotels and there will be no road. If you don’t want them to continue to build more hotels, please, vote APC”, he said.

He assured the people of adequate security during the rerun polls and appealed to them to come out en masse on the 19th of March and cast their votes for APC.

Amaechi predicted that APC would sweep the polls in the senatorial district.

“Rivers South East Senatorial District is in our pocket. On Sunday, we shall be eating in Magnus house as a Senator”, he said.

Spokesperson to Senator Magnus Abe
March 16, 2016