Bindow Is A Bus Driver, Going Through The Towns And Villages Of Adamawa

By Tom Garba, Yola

I can't believe this. In less than 10 months in office My Governor have turned up to be a successful and a celebrated bus driver. He pilled people in his Bus to a place he call ''Land of Beauty''.

Coming from the National Assembly to be a Governor of Adamawa state that is known to be one of the most multi dialectal,multi religion and multi what i call high profile personality who will always want to be the de-factor Governor was a dream unrealizable to some of them and seeing the complexity nature of the state.

Destiny and fate ran in favor of Sen. Mohammadu Umaru Jibrilla,the seating Governor of Adamawa state,the Sardaunan Mubi who is now popularly know as ''Bindow For Social Change''.

A driver that is navigating the roads of the state in an assumable speed of professionalism to rescue the lives and destinies of Adamawa people who they boarded his Bus to take them to their various land of rest.

Before his coming on board as the present Governor of the state, Adamawa is considered one of the most backward state in Nigeria,where virtually nothing is going on well with the people of the state. For this my driver Governor vowed to work (Drive) hard to save everyone on board to where are best suppose to be.

From May last year to date i was privilege to traveled to 27 states of the country and haven known Adamawa well infrastructurally without mixing words one will say Bindow is relatively doing too well to reshape the state to it's original name: which is the land of beauty that have been bastardised because of bad leadership.

Despite the scourge of insurgency that retardate the speed of economy growth in the Northern areas of the state, my driver Governor is still driving fast to revive the economy activities of all those LGs that was initially been ravaged by Boko Haram, Mubi,Michika, Hong, Gombi,Maiha are economically gaining strength.

Jimeta,Yola and Mubi are now taken new shape with roads construction,vowed to touch every land and race in the state with his people connection policies:Bindow for social Change ( BSC).

Being a driver and born with business concepts,he travels far and near to woo investors to come and do business with the people of Adamawa state that is endowed with all kinds of natural resources and good arable land for Agriculture which will jack up the internally generated revenue (IGR) of the state.

From Toungo to Madagali, Fufore to Shelleng Bindow is driving to safe lives, driving to take all and sundry to a resting land because the journey with the past Governments was a bad experiences haven had so many James Bombs holding the wheels of the steers.

Bindow is driving to safe lives in Adamawa state.

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