4 helpful tips for taking a toddler out in public

Source: Jovago.com

Toddlers are the cutest, but they are also unpredictable and are prone to flying how into a rage at a whim. While the easiest thing to do would be to keep them at home all the time to avoid the stress that comes with taking them outside, staying indoors can also get them super cranky.

For those who are anxious about an outdoor trip with the kids, Jovago.com, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking portal offers five helpful tips for taking a toddler out in public.

Give them a warning before you set out
Toddlers can be utterly defiant, but they do have a sense of direction and can follow instructions once they are clearly informed. Before you set out to the grocery shop, mall or church, sit the toddler down and tell them what behaviors you expect from them, letting them know what the consequences of a disobedience would be. It helps to paint big pictures of the price they pay for disobedience as toddlers are very impressionable and tend to believe almost everything.

Adopt a reward system
The only thing toddlers love more than tasty treats and attention are rewards. To them, rewards are a form of recognition and so they are willing to comply to earn one. Rather than shout on then or even spank them, offer them a reward for good behavior and keep your words. For instance, you could have a sticker book for good behaviors and you could say to the toddler: if you behave nicely and eat properly when we get to the restaurants, I will give you an extra sticker. Toddlers for some reason love stickers and as long as they are sure a number of stickers will eventually earn them something nice, they’ll most likely behave.

Do not forget the diaper
Toddlers may not be babies anymore, but they use the toilet a lot. They always want to take a pee or even do a ‘number 2’. Public toilets are not the best for toddlers as they are not only exposed to strong germs, they also can be difficult to control in the loo. It is advisable to garb them in diapers when going to a public place. Also, pack extra diapers in a bag as well as extra clothing…you just never can tell how many times they will go.

Give a measure of freedom
Toddlers can get really rebellious, especially when they feel they are being constricted. It is important to give them a measure of freedom rather than have them on a tight leash. This gives them the idea that they are having fun and they are less cranky or less prone to tantrums that way. This does not mean you should not be firm. Just find a way to create a measure of balance, that way they remain manageable. Carefully packed distractions come in handy as well.