Francis John Commend U.S. Embassy Abuja; Nigerians With Dual Citizenship To Vote In November U.S. Presidential Election

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This is to compliment Ms. Emily Enright, the Citizen Service Officer, and Ms. Stalie Hankins, the Consular and Chief of the U.S. Embassy, Abuja, for swiftly bringing this vital information to the attention of Nigerian public. Soon as information was communicated, my 3rd process kicked in, saying it’s a spontaneous opportunity for Nigerians to count themselves approved partners of United States again, as such started various media outreach activities, including this for Nigerians to jump at it.

On behalf of my thousand, thousands media followership, I sincerely specifically like to appreciate US Government in extending a reminder and lifetime democratic services to the populous black nation in the world. Nigerians, Diaspora Nigerians are proud of these unique things you do will never go unnoticed and not complimented promptly. It’s a real deal, rear opportunity provided by both staff of U.S. Embassy Abuja.

Since Diaspora Nigerians are hovering everywhere for voting by 2019 every little lesson learned from these will serve as a springboard, an impetus to ours. Otherwise, training, assistance and collaborations are more options to borrow from United States, the mother of democracy. In return, Diaspora must be ready for sacrifices, pay attention to nitty gritties, take advantage of all opportunities that ever come by, while remaining focus and steadfast. Meanwhile, it is our collective responsibility to the draw attentions of: The Presidency, National Assembly, and Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to this exercise.

It is obligatory to reiterate U.S. Embassy Urge, by leaving, refreshing and resounding messages from:

Ms. Emily Enright:
· “Urged the media to mobilize Nigerians with dual citizenship on their right to vote in the November U.S. Presidential election.”

· “That such Nigerians who must be 18 years and above could be able to vote from Nigeria through the Voting Absentee System that make room for U.S. citizens outside the country to vote.”

· “We want the media to take the message to Nigerian-Americans living in your society that they do have the right to vote.”

· “We want as many people as possible to turn out and vote in the election,”

· “She urged such Nigerians and other American citizens in Nigeria to visit the website to register as overseas voters.”

and Ms. Stalie Hankins statements:
· “That eligible voters in Nigeria would be sent their ballot papers through email. Hankins

· “Explained that there would be no designated voting centers.”

· “Adding that during the election, completed ballot papers would be submitted to the embassy for onward transmission to the U.S.”

Additionally, Hankins explained recent consular services:

Because of Ms. Hankins’s sincerely of purpose, a requirement of her job description, as well as meeting world-class standards, she deserves a pat on her back; for being explicit over Abuja visa processing records. All these discharged qualities ascribe to how US government make detail - statistical - evidence based information public, worthy of emulation. Information, are as follows:

· “That the conditions in Nigeria was the same worldwide, for nationals of other countries.”

· “That the problem of visa in Nigeria, if any was not peculiar to Nigeria as all the conditions Nigerians were required to meet were the same requirements for other nationals” and

· “That from January to date, the embassy in Abuja received about 20, 000 visa applications out of which more than half were approved

Since U.S. Embassy Abuja made this information public, I discharged it proactively via social media to teeming followers to assure the U.S. government that Nigerians are partners in progress, and nothing can drop our loyalty to American Government, even at this hard times that President Muhammadu Buhari is working marathon to regain the country and #BringBackOurMoney from looters. Remarkably, the outpour of support, received from President Obama’s government cannot be overemphasized.

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