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4 Struggles Of Every Nigerian In A Group Chat

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Group chats are perfect for connecting with multiple people – friends or family- at the same time. If you own a smartphone, chances are you are part of or have been involved in a group chat at some point on either Whatsapp, Skype, Blackberry Messenger or Twitter.

However, while these group chats are super beneficial for communication, there are certain struggles that come with the torrents of messaging sent your way. In answer to frequently occuring questions, shed light on the perks and quirks every Nigerian who in a group chat faces.

The interesting things only happen when you are away

In group chats, the influx of messages are unpredictable as there are a ton of texts sent to the group from different members in multiple locations at the same time. Each group member has a schedule often different from others and so many are forced to miss out on great conversations or moments that occur during periods when they are engaged.

The frustration of trying to make plans with so many people at once

Making plans in a group chat can be extremely tedious…if not completely impossible. Every person has an opinion or idea that they feel is better and even when a decision seems to be reached, reoccurring last-minute responses easily throw all the established plans into disarray.

The constant notifications can be irritating
Group chats are unending as everyone strives to share their story or opinion and the gist goes on and on. With every message sent, you are bound to get the notification, and unless your phone is on flight mode, you will be burdened with the incessant beeping which can be very annoying. Another thing is that the constant messaging drains your battery, making it hard for you to make short trips without a power bank.

The weirdness of being called out on a personal matter in the group chat

Most people in the group chat do not think it is okay to have one-on-one conversation with a particular member of the group right there on the group chat. They mention private matters and even recount personal conversations in the group chat. The worst cases happen when certain members call out others on personal matters in the group chat and it now becomes a subject of debate for all members.