APC Women group wants Party to carry them along.

By ORIH CHIBUIKE, The Nigerian Voice, Abuja

Association of Commodity Market Women and Men of Nigeria stormed the Headquarters of the All Progressives Congress, APC to demand that the leadership of the party carries its members along in its political activities

The President General of the Group, Fosade Tinubu-Ojo while lamenting the contributions of its group to see the emergence of Buhari administration, said the Party had relegated her group to the background, stressing that they are no longer comfortable with such arrangement.

"There has been agitations, not even agitation of allegation, the people believed that the government of the day is not carrying them along as it should be, that they worked round the clock for the party during the electioneering campaing, but after the inauguration most of us are not carried along".

"We only hear on the news that the First Lady is doing a programme this and that and we just see it on the news" she said.

we even heard that another FCT woman leader that is organising another market association and named it association or organised market people in Abuja and most of these people are PDP people they are nowhere to be found when we are working for the party day and night, so now our people are not happy because they need to benefit from where they believe they have the right to and all we need.

Mrs Tinubu-Ojo, who also is the daughter of the APC national leader, Bola Tinubu, says her group is appalled by the recent development where a certain group known as Organised Market People, which she accused of belonging to the PDP, is used as representatives of the market men and women at every party and presidential function.

She also called on President Buhari to give them sense of belonging and carrying them along properly and consider some of its members for appointments in his administration.