Leadership Is What Nigeria Needs

Leadership is about solving problems and comes to fore in times of trouble. It is not zoned. It has nothing to do with our turn. You are either a leader or you should just follow others.

The economy nationally require just novel ideas,thinking outside the box. It is nothing that should be outside control but you cannot do so if you are not a leader and you just forced yourself on your people.

You cannot borrow initiatives nor buy it but it must be internal. So next time there is election beware of those who claim leadership because it is their turn or their right and end up complaining about the leadership past instead of solving the problem that threw them up in the first place.

Nigerians including this writer are to blame for electing such people and blaming them later on while suffering for their bad decision at time of election. True Leadership is a frightening affair ,not what people should kill or main to be saddled with. If we learn this from what is happening today then we have made progress.

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