Prophet attempts fight with lions in miracle show

By The Citizen

A devout Christian had his buttocks mauled by a lion after challenging the big cat to a duel in order to prove the 'Lord's power over animals'.

Alec Ndiwane, who has been described as a 'prophet' in African media, was on safari at the Kruger National Park in South Africa when he confronted the pride.

Determined to prove to fellow tourists that God would save him, Ndiwane is said to have gone into a trance and started speaking in tongues before opening his car door and charging at the lions.

Just moments before reaching the pride, Ndiwane came to his senses and turned around, sprinting back towards the safety of his safari van.

But the lions were quick off the mark and bit him viciously on the backside as he clambered into the vehicle.

A warden managed to scare the big cats off by firing a gun in the air.

'I do not know what came over me,' Ndiwane told GhanaWeb.

'I thought the Lord wanted to use me to show his power over animals. Is it not we were given dominion over all creatures of the earth?' he added.

Ndiwane required stitches after suffering what was described as 'major damage to his toilet sitting tool' but was discharged the following day. - The Sun.