How to Overcome the New Insurgent in Ngeria and the World


By Nwokedi Nworisara
What constitutes a people lie in their commonly held values. The Nigerian

peoples,Hausa,Fulani,Yoruba,Igbo,Ijaw, etc have core values and beliefs

that keep them united as a people and Nigeria has imbibed these collectives

of values cemented by Western Education that keep her going as a people.

Now what the invaders or conqueror s do is to violate these values to

disunite the people before engaging them in a war. This is what Boko Haram

and its affiliates are doing with Nigeria right now. Remember that the

British Colonialists used it to success in conquering or pacifying the then

thriving city states of old Nigeria at the turn of the century. Before then

the Arabs used it to great effect on Northern Emirates and what did British

use? A new religion,a new education,a new language,indeed new values. The

Arab invaders also used a new language Arabic,a new religion Islam and

these translated to a new value system. Now Nigeria faces a new threat.

Boko Haram,meaning Western Education is sacrilege. It says volumes about

this new insurgency happening in modern times. The very cement of

nationhood Western Education is to be violated by a determined group with

international affiliates who believe that it was the British Colonialists

that stopped them from totally colonising Nigeria before 1900. So if

western education is removed,then the likelihood that Nigeria would be

reduced to its tribal parts is high and under this fluid situation the very

binding values that keep each of the tribes together could then

subsequently be attacked to create a mass of confused people ready to be

pacified or conquered!!
So how to go about it in an environment of pervasive Western education and

tools of communication.Simple. Just make these institutions,tools

unworkable by exploiting its loopholes. Indeed the social media has become

a veritable tool since it could not be banned.Watchers of the social media

report unprecedented influx of fake and duplicated profiles with half baked

commentators. Their strategy is to violate our most cherished values and

create disbelief,shock and frustration. They post  insane videos and

graphic photos against all existing journalistic laws.For instance they

bring you graphic video of beheading of human beings to create convulsion

and fear. Some post snakes, graphic scenes of rituals. Others bring blue

movies of incest and other abominable behaviours to tell you that it is

possible and violate your inmost beliefs.
How to tackle these insurgents. When you see them avoid their company on

social media and protect all those connected with you. You may wish to use

any of the avenues open to you on social media. Retain your cherished

values and refuse to allow those who could not obtain good western

education or who had no home training dictate your lifestyle. Refuse to

focus unduly on ‘mediocres’ whether they are elevated by our skewed

political system or not for they have nothing better to give you than to

take away the most cherished values that protect you as a person and as a

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