Wike, Obuah, PDP Should Apologize Not Senator Abe—Committee

By Abe Media Aide
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The Media Committee of Senator Magnus Abe campaign organization has said that it was Governor Nyesom Wike, Mr. Felix Obuah and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that should apologize to Ogoni people and not Senator Magnus Abe for orchestrating the military invasion, which led to the killing of innocent persons in Ogoni land.

In a statement issued in Port Harcourt and signed by the chairman of the committee and spokesperson to Senator Magnus Abe, Mr. Parry Benson while reacting to a comment in the media by Mr. Felix Obuah, Chairman, Rivers State Chapter of Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) urging Senator Magnus Abe and Hon. Bari Mpigi to apologize to Ogoni people and families of the victims of the recent killings in Yeghe and Bori, said the military invasion was a plot to malign Senator Abe and the APC and hoodwink the people for their votes.

The committee stated that it would have ordinarily ignored the tantrums of Obuah and PDP as they were always clowning in the media on very serious issues requiring vivid explanation, discussion and correction of misconception, but chose to put the record straight for the sake of posterity.

The committee observed that the reaction of Obuah could be a grammatical blunder of mal-appropism of the word apologize instead of commiserate.

It noted that if it were commiserate, Senator Abe as a concerned and responsible leader had always commiserated with the families of the victims right from the day the incident happened as could be attested from the press releases issued by his spokesperson.

It stated that to apologize is a wrong word to say, which meant that the person apologizing is culpable.

The committee in the statement pointed out that Senator Abe had reiterated that he never invited the Army to Yeghe and did not have the power to direct the army to invade Ogoniland, rather the governor of Rivers state did, judging from the statement the chief press secretary to the governor on electronic media, issued.

The statement queried what Senator Abe should apologize for as he had nothing to do with the incident.

It stated that it was the Rivers state governor and PDP that ought to have apologized to Ogoni people and indeed Rivers people for approving the military operations and leaking the information to the militant in order for them to organize resistance, knowing full well that it would lead to the death of innocent persons.

This, it stated, was with the intention to score cheap political point with the blood of Ogoni people.

The statement urged Rivers people to discountenance the plot of Governor Wike,Felix Obuah and the PDP to mischievously pin the killings on Senator Abe and Hon. Mpigi, who were innocent.

It also urged PDP to make confessional statement to Rivers people as they would never escape the judgement of God for their nefarious acts.

The statement wondered why the governor had not constituted an inquiry into what happened since the incident occurred; as such inquiry would expose the PDP and their evil machinations.

It further called on Rivers people to comment on this dishonourable behaviour of obuah and his PDP cohorts, pointing out that evil would triumph when good people keep quiet.

Spokesperson to Senator Magnus Abe
March 11, 2016