Apc’s Sickening Obsession With Rivers State

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It is sad that the National Headquarters of the All Progressives Congress, APC, fondly called All Promises Cancelled by her diminishing disappointed supporters is unrepentant in its ungodly and demented pecuniary obsession with Rivers State. Once a failed politician becomes chairman of the All Promises Cancelled, APC, he starts licking his lips vigorously in the vain hope that the failing political party will capture Rivers State.

I am constrained to write this piece because of statements credited to the dethroned former Governor of Ekiti State, Mr Segun Oni who now masquerades as the acting chairman of the APC. Like his boss, John Odigie-Oyegun, Segun Oni is issuing threats that the APC Federal Government will unleash violence on Rivers State and use state security agencies to manipulate the forthcoming rerun elections. If Segun Oni and his co-travellers think Rivers State is for the taking, then they have more homework to do.

Just imagine the threat by Segun Oni. He told Journalists : “The APC will no longer fold its arms and watch our party members and supporters murdered daily in cold blood.” To begin with, the statement is founded on lies as there are no politically motivated killings in Rivers State.

The statement credited to the Acting National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Mr Segun Oni wherein he blamed Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike for the security challenge in Rivers State is a proof of the evil machinations of the APC to use lame excuses to orchestrate a military invasion of the for the purpose rigging the March 19, 2016 rerun legislative elections in the state .

The threat issued by the Acting National Chairman that the APC will unleash violence in Rivers State equally reveals the anti-democratic intentions of the APC and the plot by the party to generate devilish security crisis in the state .

Aside the fetish propaganda by the APC, Rivers State is one of the most peaceful states in the country. However, Rivers State has its own share of security challenges.

There are instances of cult-related violence in a few communities in the state. Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has already taken measures to improve security across the state through the funding of security agencies to tackle the cult-related violence. Arrests have been made by the police and the police remain on the trail of the other criminals.

It is uncharitable for the APC National Chairman to play politics with the security of the state by claiming victims of cult-related violence as their members, simply because they want to gain political mileage.

The Acting National Chairman of the APC chose to focus on Rivers State when several APC states are battling worse security challenges. Lagos State, the most prominent APC state is yet to recover from the Mile 12 where several innocent Nigerians lost their lives. The APC did not profile those killed in that crisis.

In Benue State, the Agatu crisis claimed over 500 lives. Segun Oni issued a prepared press statement without mentioning the Agatu violence. Perhaps, he refused to mention this crisis because Benue State is governed by the APC.

The Acting National Chairman of APC also failed to mention Plateau, Nasarawa, Bauchi, Adamawa where they have serious security challenges.

The APC is still smarting from the loss of Rivers State. The party’s misguided pecuniary sickening obsession with Rivers State drives its irresponsible interventions. That is why the party fails to objectively appreciate the situation in Rivers State.

They are so engrossed in their quest to rig the rerun elections in the state such that the APC National Secretariat has failed to address worsening security in other parts of the country. Rather, that are bent on detailing the military to invade Rivers communities.

Over 28 persons died in Ogoni land following the ill-fated politically motivated military invasion of communities in the area. The APC National Chairman and his All Promises Cancelled have hailed the killings saying that in pursuit of a suspect, the military were right in their ill-fated operation.

The APC sees nothing but politics in every situation. They have no respect for lives , all they see are opportunities to embark on propaganda, lies and ruthless make-believe.

The APC’S plot to rig the rerun elections in Rivers State is well known. The party is not on ground in the state and it believes it can only make a headway by using the security forces to rig the elections. Unfortunately for them, the people are vigilant and they have been duly enlightened by Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike. Nobody will allow APC to rob the Rivers people of their mandate.

Governor Wike is the people’s governor. The people will consolidate their support for Governor Wike on March 19 while Segun Oni will continue to shed his crocodile tears in Abuja since he has been uprooted in Ekiti State.

Rivers State is in safe hands. On a weekly basis, Governor Wike is either commissioning projects, initiating new projects or inspecting ongoing projects. There is no APC governor in Nigeria that is working. That should be the concern of Segun Oni and not to try to incite violence in Rivers State simply because he is money-hungry.

Written by Simeon Nwakaudu.

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