‎MSSN Lagos Clears Misconception About Early Marriage, Women Status In Islam‎

By MSSN Lagos
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The Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria, Lagos State Area Unit has called on government at all levels to put in place laws that would protect molestation and harassment against women in Nigeria.

The Amirah of MSSN Lagos, Hajia Hafsah Badru, said this in a press release to commemorate the 2016 International Women's Day (IWD) themed, ‘Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality’.

According to Badru, discrimination against female Muslims increases daily despite the enlightenment on peculiarities of female gender.

She explained that the silence of government on issues of discrimination against Hijab wearing females remained a key factor for increased violence against women.

Badru, however, lamented that many misconceptions were being speculated against Muslim women as a means to justify crime and misdeeds in the society.

She explained that Islam gave women rights and privileges at a time when only barbaric manners and values dominated.

Among the misconceptions she frowned at were believes that women in Islam are inferior to man; given lesser inheritance priority; and forced into marriage.

The Amirah added, “It is important to use the opportunity of this year’s IWD to clear some misconceptions about the status of women in Islam. Firstly, the fact that Islam prefers to have the husband as the leader for each household does not mean that women are subjected to dictatorship or inferiority.

“Women are crucial members of the society in Islam since we are assigned the job of bringing up future generations; and not just housewives considering the fact that raising children is one of the most important and difficult tasks. This duty, which requires patience, love, understanding and wisdom, was significantly assigned to women in Islam because of our special nature which suits this job.”

She further clarified that Islam was not unjust towards women by entitling them to inherit half of what men get, accusing those spreading the misconception of being one sided.

Badru said, “Islam is a just religion and does things in proportion. Just as Islam assigned responsibilities that suit women nature to us, it also shares inheritance based on duties and that is not in any way a cheat neither does it make women inferior. A man in Islam has the responsibility of supporting his family, his brother's children (when his brother dies), his parents (when they retire and do not have an income), his children from his previous marriage (if he has them) and his household, including his wife and children.

“A woman, on the other hand, does not bear this responsibility. She has the freedom to use the money she collects from her dowry or work as she pleases. Women’s economic assistance to their husbands, which has become the norm today, is only an answer to the females’ wishes. Islam does not oblige women to spend on their households. We have our liberty and our free choice to work.”

While describing as unfortunate the occurrence between Yunusa and Ese, the MSSN Lagos females leader insisted that early marriage won’t pose any challenge if the proper standard was followed.

She also warned that Nigerians should not bring religion into the matter.

“Though, I share the view that the real truth has not been unravelled in the case between Yunusa and Ese, it is unfair for some Nigerians to engage in spreading propaganda over a concept (early marriage) that should be encouraged in an ideal society. It is saddening that several attacks have been raised recently against early marriage in Islam, which clearly results from ignoring facts about pre-modern society and Islam, or intentionally concealing them.

“Islam does not introduce early marriage to cause neither psychological nor sexual harm to females. In fact, the major aim of marriage in Islam is not for sex and marriage in Islam is never a hidden contract. In Islam the marriage of a man and woman is not just a financial and legal living arrangement, not even just for reproduction, but providing a total commitment to each other, a contract witnessed by God. Love and joy of companionship is a part of the commitment,” she enlightened.