4 Tips For Nigerian Travellers Looking For Love On The Road

Source: Jovago.com

If you are single and are an avid traveller or have a job that frequently keeps you on the road, you know it is very hard to find love or maintain relationships. As a major downside to frequent and long-term travel, perpetual singleness is something you are faced to deal with when you are always on the move. The truth, however, is that, while you are never in one place long enough to start or build a lasting relationship with someone, there are still chances that you can find love against all odds.

Jovago.com, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking portal offers 4 tips for Nigerians looking to find love and romance on the road. Read on…and best of luck applying these tips.

Seek out Solo Travelers
The easiest people to befriend are solo travelers. Look out for the solo travellers on your radar, preferably of the opposite sex that you find attractive, walk up to them and strike a conversation.

You do not need to have something in common at the start to maintain a flow of conversation. Just raise a popular topic and charm them with your wit and presence. Try not to use cheesy or cliché pickup lines either and they tend to put most people off. Just be honest and friendly, you may be lucky and kick start your love story from there. Remember, every relationship starts with just a few words said.

Make offers to help others in your vicinity
Most times in life, you need to give a little something to receive other things in return. If you are visiting a city that you have been to severally or have been living in for a while.

Make offers to help other travellers who are new to the location. You can provide some pointers or advice to the new travelers that are just arriving, volunteer to be their tour guide or translator, bargain for her/him and help them find a good deal. There is a huge chance that one of the people you help will develop a soft spot and things can brew on from there. Whatever the case, a little bit of niceness never hurts anyone’s reputation. If you keep putting out good, something good will come to you sooner or later.

Find out where the singles hang out and go there

While you are on the road or visiting a destination, do not just visit the usual go-to places for families and old people. Find out where the single people go to and visit there too. You have a higher chance of finding love when you mingle with people who are available or looking for the same thing you want. Wear a chic swimsuit and go to the pool, visit the beach and try to strike up a conversation with anyone who looks lonely or bored…explore the nightlife! Rather than staying cooped up in your hotel room or office lodge, working your eyeballs out, go out, ask the locals for the hotspots…put yourself out there and you will find love before long.

Go hunting for food and see who is eating alone

Forget room service, forget takeaways…yes, they are easier and allow more privacy, but they are also very limiting, especially if you are keen on building your social skills, expanding your social strata or finding love.

Go out for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. Visit different restaurants, go to the local bistros and fast food joints when you can and do not just seat alone, ask to share a table with someone else, maybe someone who makes your cut for possible love interests. If you prefer to make food on you own, got to the local markets and large grocery shops, you may run into to someone new…and love.