Magnus Abe: A Desperate Politician Without Integrity

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Propaganda and hoodwinking is known to be the stock in trade of members of APC. This unusual talent, yes I call it a talent is not in short supply particularly with the APC in Rivers State. It therefore came as no surprise yesterday hearing Senator Magnus Abe go from one radio station to another making frivolous statements aimed at hood winking Rivers people and diverting our attention from the main issue which is the killing of innocent Rivers people on the 22nd of February. An interesting part of his different interviews was that he tried to speak from a high ground claiming to be a man of integrity and impeccable character.

A look at the past activities of Senator Magnus Abe would give us a peek into the extent to which Magnus Abe is willing to go in order to score a political point. It is therefore not surprising that he is being strongly linked to the killings in Ogoni and the attempt to use the Army to subjugate Ogoni people.

On the 12th of January 2014 Nigeria was stunned by the news that Senator Magnus Abe had been shot by the Nigerian Police. I still remember where I was and what I was doing when I received a call that Senator Magnus Abe had been shot at the Rivers State College of Arts and Science. For me it was a moment when the world froze. Although we are of different political leanings i take it that there are issues that are beyond politics and this was one of them. Eventually we all know how history proved this to be among the biggest hoax in Nigerian history.

Magnus Abe started his shooting drama from Rivers State College of Arts and Sciences on Rumuola Road, he continued his deception from Nigeria up to the Bridge Hospital in London. He even tried to influence the medical personnel in London to fake a medical report to fit his claim. At this point I would ask that you pause, take a deep breath and ask yourself, WHAT KIND OF PERSON WOULD GO TO THIS LENGTH TO SELL A LIE? He lied to his friends, He lied to his community, he lied to Ogoni people, and he lied to Rivers State and Nigeria as a whole because the events that occurred was keenly watched all over the nation.  If this act was committed by an average Nigerian or even a child I can assure you that their reputation would have been irredeemably damaged but we are in a country where silk, gold and coin seem to be quick launderers of even the most dirty linen.

When the information started filtering out that he was not really shot but was selling us an expensive dummy I like most other people still refused to believe it. I felt that there was no way a grown man and a Senator for that matter could be that unscrupulous. It is therefore an insult on the memory and intelligence of people for Magnus Abe to try to present himself as a man of integrity. Magnus Abe must realise that he cannot give us an intercontinental ballistic lie yesterday and expect us to heartily believe his tale today. Magnus Abe has long sold his integrity on the altar of politics and would go to any length to achieve a political goal. It is against this back drop that I am not surprised at the fingers that are pointing at Magnus Abe concerning the recent massacre and

It is commonly believed in our local setting that blood guilt has the power to push the guilty to unusual behaviour and in some instances insanity. The behaviour of Senator Magnus Abe since the massacre of people in Yeghe and Bori seems to fit this mould as he has been very irrational at best. He has been running from one media house to the other trying to launder his image while throwing tantrums. He has tried without success to distract people from the main issue which is the killing of people by the army allegedly at his behest.

I would not want to bore readers with a long epistle as I believe most people are aware of the bloody trail being taken in pursuit of a senatorial seat but I would like to ask Magnus Abe the same questions that I have been asking him since the Bori and Yeghe massacre.

Why hasn't Magnus Abe gone to condole the families of the deceased or shown any sort of empathy towards those that lost loved ones?

With over 18 people killed and Senator Magnus Abe being on air for over 4 hours cumulatively, why has Magnus been careful not to admit that any innocent persons were killed?

Why is Magnus Abe the only person putting up a spirited albeit faulty defence for all the actions of the Army including the killing of many innocent people?

Why has Magnus Abe not commented about the threats and deadline given by Mr Mpigi to Yeghe people ?

Written by Marshal Obuzor.

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