Judgment Day Approaching , Saraki’s Camp In State Of Dilemma

By Usman Mohammed
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A good leader must be very knowledgeble,
mature in thought and action with balance
judgments and decisions which are satisfactory
to most of the followers, thus, must accept
responsibility for their actions and must be firm. Which you have

display if not excellently but efficiently.
We all have our own challenges but appreciating ones efforts is a

patriotic thing to do. Therefore, I will continue to immensely

appreciate all the efforts of Mr President and his entourage who are

ready to sacrifice their precious time, energy, strength and God's

given abilities, wealth and wisdom to serve the people and bring back

those happiest moment and lost glory to us and making Nigeria a better

place tomorrow. Despite the saboteurs and padding behind the shoddy

2016 budget and the Senate President and his entourage who are

incursion that has been derailing our national development with their

subconscious mind of development.
I truly understand the situation at the moment now.

May God see us through.
There is no blessing in what you had to sin or
commit crime before you get or achieve it. You became Senate

President through the backyard is nothing to
flaunt about, its about how many people are ready to

follow you. Theres no leader without a followers,
as at today, the little one who follow you are
either bribed with N500 token, three Congo's of rice

plus Jamb forms.
President Muhammadu Buhari did not give rice before people started

following him, he
does not know me yet I believed in his mission and knowing fully that

he will surely furnished, reshaped, restructure and reimburse the dead

economy system that has been destroyed for more than 30 years today. I

rather loose my vote rather than voting a man
with no trace able career paths despite having
opportunity to explore the best school in the
world. As I write to bring this to the public foresight, there has not

been traces
that the shameless Saraki ever dream of going
for his masters not to talk of PhD, all he cares is

to eat free public money inherited from while
those who own the money die in hunger . Okonjo
Iweala family is not richer than Saraki family, yet

she becomes a world famous economist from
Harvard. Saraki family up till date hasn't been produce

any meaningful product other than those who
managed to graduate from dishonorable
institutions and after called upon to come and
milk the state resources .
How will a man said to graduate as a competent
doctor served for six months, resigned and decided
to leave his profession to head a bank? Isn't that

absurdity at its peak? As if that wasn't enough, if

you ask my man where is the bank he was called
to manage today, the bank has sublimed into
Federal government may be blind to Saraki impunity but

kwarans know why they wail. Our parents are now
working with no pay, our students sit under a
high risk classroom buildings, education continue
to wallow in under-development, our health
system is not better than herbalist shops, despite
huge levies Kwara Polytechnic students pay per
annum, a tour to their campus will repel a
serious student, useless project is the other of
the day as far as it will shed money to dealers
pockets. In all these agonies of hunger and
directionless government of Maigida, SARAKI
imposed on us combined with senatorial
allowances while NCE teachers are owed nine
months salaries.
While a product of corruption cannot deliver honest judgment,

equitable representative, playing the role of neutralism, emball the

act of making good laws and
Usman Mohammed.
Mass Department.
IBB University, Lapai-Niger State.

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