The Lai Mohammed and Sahara Reporter of Ajifat Government

Source: Dr. Ifeanyi OluebubeJesus (JP)
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Pastor Ifeanyi is nowhere a part of Hon. Shuaib Fatai Ajidagba first term administration, but no one has ever popularized, spread and defended Ajifat first tenure and his achievements more than he did. His consistency in the struggle for Ajifat second term and his absolute loyalty to him is second to none." Mere looking at Pastor Ifeanyi as he's fondly called by friends, he looks very modest. But at a second look, when you look at him through his works, you will discover that he's a leader with a big heart.

He is a great thinker, a bookworm, a wordsmith, a prolific writer and an ace speaker. Since his allegiance to Hon. Shuaib Fatai Ajidagba, the erstwhile Executive Chairman Ifelodun LCDA and his second term bid, the revered man of God hasn't rested. His brainchild, #BringBackAjifatCampaign# which is now the official facebook page of the amiable chairman is seriously hitting the headline.

His alloyed loyalty and support to Ajifat is second to none. He handled everything about Ajifat with expertise and perfection. One day, a friend was introducing Pastor Ifeanyi to a political big shot in Ifelodun and the man joking replied, "Don't worry yourself, I know him too well. Anyone who knows Ajifat must know Pastor Ifeanyi."

Pastor Ifeanyi is nowhere a part of Ajifat government during his first tenure, but no one has ever heralded Ajifat first tenure and his achievements more than he did. BringBackAjifatCampaign has given Ajifat an edge and in a way made him the most popular politician in town. According to statics, about 3.5 billion people are always online around the globe daily, Pastor Ifeanyi has taken that advantage to sell his master not only on facebook but on You tube, Blog, Website, Whatsapp etc.

He is one of the church leaders that believe that Christians should get involved in politicians and he is seriously pioneering that movement. As a church pastor, a councillorship aspirant in Ward D, and a leadership coach, he organizes one of the biggest leadership conferences annually in Ifelodun that attracts both local and international media.

Presently, the Vice President of Nigeria is a pastor and the Secretary to Federal Government of Nigeria is also a pastor. Pastor Ifeanyi is seriously emerging in Ifelodun political space, he is seen by many as a very close to Ajifat’s heart, and as an active factor in his camp. What will become of him if Ajifat wins, time will tell?

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