Health Camp For Lady Scribes Organized

By NJ Thakura

Guwahati: Most of the lady journalists and the better-halves of the male scribes in the city showed satisfactory outcome when they underwent a general health check-up at Guwahati Press Club of northeast India on 7 March 2016. Only a few of the participating women in the camp were advised further consultation and treatment by the attending physicians.

The daylong exclusive camp for lady participants was organised by Assam’s well known Dispur Hospital in accordance with the International Women’s Day, celebrated every year on 8 March across the globe.

The camp, which attracted over 80 participants, was conducted by female doctors and lady assistants only.

In addition to medicine and gynaecological consultations, the participants underwent normal sugar, blood pressure and thyroid tests where many of them also took the first dose of Hepatitis-B vaccine.

The second and final dose of Hepatitis-B vaccine will be administered on them next month in the press club premises.

Dr Dippy Agarwal (gynaecology) and Dr Trishnali Thakuria (medicine) attended the camp and offered medical advice to the participants, who were helped by Anjali Bhuyan, Kabita Deka and Ghunusa Devi.

The camp was supervised by Dispur Hospital’s public relation officer Ujjal Saikia in association with Anijul Hussain.

“Acknowledging the contributions of women to the society and also pledging for global gender parity this year, we had initiated the health camp exclusively for lady participants at the local press club” said Dr Jayanta Bardoloi, who leads Dispur Hospitals private limited, Guwahati adding that the response to the camp was very encouraging.