He began as a sharp image of american commerce,
As a merchant of california , newyork and columbia
Like a miracle,Donald Trumb went to the top at the apex

Of money and glory the dual virtues of american dream,

Now he boils like a volcano with the mires of white conscience,

To riotus salute by claques and republicans of the white world ,

A treat to which man is feasted on the irrationality of politics,

Seeing open hatred seducing votes and support across the states,

And among continents as in europe and australia trumpism is a hot cake,

Perhaps the heart of a white man is warmly solaced on slavery of otherness,

A social sadism that will never go even beyond Hitler,Mussolin and Trump,

As poverty in india and HIV in Africa makes a Nordic-Aryan a queen in the heart,

Breaking into a song and dancing for Trumpism the colour of their passion,

Blind to the truth that America is one because of forced diversity in humanity;

The Negro blood of Alex Haley,The Irish blood of Kennedy,the Jewish blood

Of Einstein,the Italian blood of Iaccoca,The homosexual blood of Witman and

Thoreau, the stupid blood in Islam of Malcolm X, the cowardice blood of Luther King Jnr.

The Gay blood of mike Jackson,miserable blood of indians,the stranded blood of the chinese,

Brave blood of Rosa Parks,the Murderous blood of Henry Kissinger,the arch-picaroon

Blood of the Bushes,the democratic blood of Clinton,the sorcerous blood of Reagan,

The communist blood of Barrack Obama,the Chimpazee blood in the veins of Michelle

Obama,the beastly blood of Mike Tyson,The Turkana blood of Ben Carson,the Humourous

Blood of Richard Wright,the imbecile blood of Snowden,the renegade blood of Vladmir Nabokov,the Moralist blood of Ayn Rand,the Gikuyu blood of Ngugi wa Thiong’o,the

Ku klux klan blood of all white Americans,the pantherous blood of black Americans,

The terrorist blood of muslim Americans,the mendacious blood of the jews in satan’s

Synagoque,the exclusionist blood in the veins of republicans,the beggars blood of the

Migrants,the adultorous blood of Monica Lewisky,the hen-pegged blood of Bill Gates,

The Racist blood of the virgin Branson,the literary blood of west african-americans,and the

Frivolous blood of native red indians , are the penis,scrotum,the testicles,urethra,the sperm,

The vagina,the uterus,the fallopian tube,the ovary, the menestrual blood,the libido,

The orgasm,the permissive vulva,the penetrative head of the erect penis,the bumbing buttocks,

The gyrations of the waist ,the deeper introduction of the penis, the dual orgasmic ecstasy, the spontaneous ejaculation of the spermatogonia , and the chance rendezvous with ripe ovule,

That combine and blend, to sire the strong america,the rich america,the imperious america,

The atomic america,the cultured america, the intellectualized america,the technical america,

The food sure america,the dollarized america,the stable america, the soviet keelhauling america,

The China crushing america,the Germany spying america,the anglo-mocking america,the africa fucking america,the Cuba kissing america,the korea thwacking america,the mexico farting america,the france teasing america,the arab fixing america,the israel duping america,the egypt

springing america,the Gaddaffi Murdering america, the Osama slaughtering america,the mugabe

beguiling america,the nuclear powered america, the arsenal peddling america, and the vatican

dissemblilng america but not the forthcoming Trumpism that hates africans,that worships black

slavery,that hates islam foolishly,that suffocates migrants with despair,that hates the chinese,that will leave Israel on its own to languish forlornly under horrendous terror of the quran,the oil power,the persian nuclear, and the Arabic animosty in the land of palestine.

By Alexander Khamala Opicho

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