Nigerian Community Shares Birthday Joy Of Asiwaju I O A Omomolesho, Elder Statesman Nigerian Community In Pakistan And Ochendo Of Ohanaeze Nidigbo In Pakistan

By Abdul Majeed
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Nigerian Community in Pakistan (NCP) congratulated and celebrated the birthday joy of their Chief Asiwaju I.O.A.Omomolesho who is Elder Statesman of Nigerian Community in Pakistan as well as the Ochendo of Ohanaeze Nidigbo in Pakistan in a large gathering at Eternity African Restaurant last night.

While thanking the Nigerian Community in Pakistan, Asiwaju I O A Omomolesho urged the Nigerian Community to join hands with His Excellency Mahammadu Buhari, President of Federal Republic of Nigeria to contribute to the development of Nigerians at home and around the world.

He also advised them to respect the Social, Cultural and Religious taboos of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and shun illegal activities. He asked the Nigerians in Pakistan to be good ambassadors of Federal Republic of Nigeria in Pakistan and do everything possible to further enhance people to people contact between Nigeria and Pakistan under the umbrella of Pakistan Nigeria High Commission.

Extending heartfelt felicitations on behalf of Incumbent President, Charles Emencheta, Nigerian Community in Pakistan (NCP), Vice President (NCP) Prince Oluyemi Ibrahim Olabulo said that Asiwaju Omomolesho’s personal efforts to improve the image of Federal Republic of Nigeria in Pakistan are marvelous as Asiwaju Omomolesho has closely working with Pakistan Nigeria High Commission to strengthen bilateral trade network between Pakistan and Nigeria.

Chief Abiodun Mustafa, Illufemiloye(1), Incumbent President, Yoruba Community of Nigeria in Pakistan (YCNP) also felicitated Asiwaju I O A Omomolesho on his birthday jubilation and said that Asiwaju Omomolesho is a source of inspiration to the Nigerian Business Community in Pakistan as he has visited almost all Chambers of Commerce across Pakistan and worked tirelessly in liaison with Pakistan Nigeria High Commission to enhance trade ties between Nigeria and Pakistan paving the way for Pakistan Nigeria Trade Commission.

Expressing his sentiments, Chief Daniel Ilesanmi Imuzie, Former President(YCNP), Yoruba Community of Nigeria in Pakistan said that Asiwaju Omomolesho has not only devoted his life without any discrimination only for the Nigerians in Pakistan irrespective of the fact whether he or she belongs to the Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Ijaw, Ibibio, Kanuri, Annang or Etsako but also contributed a lot to improve the image of Federal Republic of Nigeria in Pakistan. He added that love for Federal Republic of Nigeria runs in his blood and if any Nigerian is in trouble anywhere across Pakistan, Asiwaji Omomolesho flies there in a moment at his own cost to rescue them.

At the conclusion of the birthday ceremony, Nigerian Cultural Dance Performance was staged for the audience besides playing the National Anthem of Federal Republic of Nigeria and Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Pakistani guests including Pakistani Business Community appreciated the Nigerian Cultural Dance Performance.