Parade Of Cultists, Kidnappers, Armed Robbers In Delta: Suspects Admits To Crime

By kenneth orusi, The Nigerian Voice, Asaba

Following the parade of 19 persons that were involved in various criminal activities by the Delta State Police Command on 3rd March, 2016, the bandits though didn’t denied the role they played however blamed their woos bad friends, unemployment and not been aware of the crime till the deed was carried out.

Mamus Uduophori a suspected cultists whom the police picked while going to Oghara to celebrate his friend’s sister’s matriculation with a group of friends admitted that the police truly saw a gun in their midst but declined that he was not the owner of the gun.

His case became worst when one of the gang members confessed that “Mamus snapped with the gun and he used it as his screen saver so when the police saw the picture on the phone after much investigation he was arrested and taken to where the tricycle was and he showed them the gun”.

Oduophori told our correspondent that, “I am not a cultist but because they saw gun with us that is why they took us and we have been here for two weeks now from Ughelli. The police saw a gun in the tricycle but I am not the owner of the gun, it belongs to Salami, this is temptation I have never carried gun in my life”, he regretted.

Mr. Lucky Salami, who was among the suspects arrested by the police however simply said, “I am from Ekakpamre, Ughelli north, we were going to Otefe matric to celebrate with our friends”.

Another who narrated what happened said, “I called one of us on the 19th and he told me that one of his sister is matriculating. So, I told him I don’t have money for the matric but he told me that one of his friends has a tricycle, he said I should come that the friend will fuel the tricycle so all of us can attend the matric, I joined them. It was while we were going that the police held us.

Aligning with Mr. Uduophori, he said, “They saw gun in the Keke, I don’t know the owner, I was the last person to join them in the Keke, I didn’t know that there was a gun.

He then disclosed that, “I have been arrested before because of a girl whom her boyfriend beat, she said I masterminded it that the boy has not laid hands on her before”.

In Warri, one Ohuko Owene, from Uvwie local government area, who owed to the crime he committed said, “We have different factions in our community, one faction belongs to Baro, the sacked Uvwie LGA Chairman while the other faction is for Stella, the present local government chairman now. Why we have the community fight is because of Baro, he went to Shoprite with his boys to scatter it because he said Shoprite is owing him N8 million. He is a CLO there, because they scatter Shoprite we now over throw their government because they have ruled for eight years and they gave them another four years to rule which is 12yrs”.

Owene said the additional 12 years brought confusion, “We got annoyed that we should dissolve their government. Since they have committed a crime of robbery in Uvwie we now fought against their government. After the fight, I was made one of the quarter chairman in Alaka. Baro boys went to Checking Point to bring two soldiers from Jakpa junction and that day was Effurun market day”.

He said it was a game up for him, “It was impossible for me to escape when the soldiers came and I could not deny it that I don’t have a gun. I have a revolver pistol tied to my waist, they asked me to follow them it was in that process that Felix Kpokpo placed his hands into my waist and they saw the gun and the soldiers shot me on my two legs”.

When asked if he was not an armed robber, why the gun? He said, “I am not an armed robber, I bought the gun for safety purpose because in our community, we always shoot guns. The gun is not licensed”, he stated.

Lucky Joseph from Ewreni, Ughelli north, also owed up to his crime, “I escorted my friend to collect money, I didn’t know it was gotten from robbery. When they showed the gun to the person, he got afraid and gave them the money. On my part, I was actually afraid too but because I don’t want them to shoot me, hence I kept quiet. When we got home they gave N1, 000. When they were arrested they confessed me that I was among them”.

The gang leader who identified himself as Edafe, said, “There is one of my friends called Mamuzo, he buys stolen goods in Warri that is how I got to know him. I do sell for him, he buys from people at mechanic village. The day I went to my village, Olomoro, I called him to give me N2, 000 he said he doesn’t have money and the boy lives in Abraka. So I called him to come that I have something to sell and I have already arranged my friends when he came, we then robbed him of N6, 500”.

Saturday, the father of three and a brick layer from Emevor, Isoko north however was begging to be forgiven for his involvement, “Please, I have a family with three sons, my friend got me involved in this crime. All I am praying for now is forgiveness so that I can send my children to school. My father died when I was very small, I don’t want my children to go through the same experience I went through. They are presently suffering at home. I didn’t know that the friends I harbour are bad”, bemoan.