5 Sure Fun Ways To Enjoy Ghana

Source: Jovago.com

The rising star of Africa. The first black sub-saharan country to gain independence. The first african country to become a republic. The list is endless. Ghana is viewed worldwide as the symbol of peace and unity in Africa and has over the years, grown from strength to strength in many other sectors.When we take a closer look at politics, sports, entertainment, trade, tourism, technology and agriculture, it is no news that this vibrant west African nation has evolved from being just part of Africa’s driving force to being a very important nation in the African quest for economic stability and development.However, aside business, other factors draw and attract many foreigners and tourists to Africa and particularly Ghana . Although one may come to Ghana purposely for business,there are other great reasons why Ghana must be your first point of interest when planning a visit to Africa. Africa’s number 1 online hotel booking portal, Jovago gives you 5 sure fun ways to enjoy Ghana.

1. Go beaching/surfing - A country that is bounded to it’s south by the great Atlantic ocean. Ghana is blessed with so many amazing and beautiful beaches.The sea itself is primarily a means of livelihood for many coastal inhabitants but in recent times,many investors have built some astonishing beach resorts and hotels. This is a great place to relax under the intensity of the sun. After a hectic business meeting or a tough day at work,relax on any of Ghana’s magnificent beaches and enjoy a cool breeze while you look into the sea while reading or listening to music. If you are a good swimmer or surfer,this is definately a place to be. Nice beaches in Ghana include the Labadi and Bojo beaches in Accra,Vienna beach in the Western Region ,Brenu and Elmina beach in the Central Region.

2. Watch a game - Sports is said to be the joy of the people of Ghana . Football binds us together. Watch a game in any of the stadiums or at a pub or lounge. The arguments and interesting shouts and jabs are sure to get you laughing. The atmosphere is usually electric when there is a national match going on.Visit any of the stadiums in Accra, Kumasi , Takoradi or Tamale for a great experience. If you are not a football fan,you won’t be left out. There is golf at the Achimota golf course,Polo at the Accra polo grounds and great boxing at Bukom in Accra. You can also play tennis in the many tennis clubs spread countrywide .

3.Visit a tourist site - For every traveler,this is probably an inevitable part of the itinerary. Every traveler wants to visit a popular tourist site before leaving the country.In Ghana ,there are so many breathe-taking places you can see. All around Ghana,you find many beautiful monuments and sites with great history behind them. Some also have interesting beliefs and superstitions surrounding them.Examples of some important and fun tourist sites to visit are The Kakum National Park,The Cape Coast and Elmina Castles,The Buabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary, The Boti Falls ,The Mole National Park and many others.

4.Hangout - Another sure fun way to enjoy Ghana is to hangout on the streets. Ghana has many beautiful views that will fascinate you while on the streets.When you need to get some air,just stroll along the coast of Accra and see the beautiful lighthouse. You can also watch a movie with friends and loved ones at the silverbird cinema or the global cinemas. Go shopping at any of the many malls or supermarkets and market places.Go carting at the formula one racing centre or go walking in the safari at Mole.Watch birds and forest animals stray at Kakum or get some icecream or “kelewele” on any of the major streets in Accra, Kumas i, Koforidua ,Ho or Takoradi.

5. Night life - For night lovers,Ghana will never be a boring place for you. The whole country comes to life at night especially on weekends and holidays.In every major city,there is almost always an event going on.

In major pubs and clubs,the weekdays are for Karaoke and Salsa/Kizomba whiles the weekend is purely for clubbing. You can either attend shows,red carpet events,sit at a bar or pub to have a few drinks or go dancing in a club. You can also decide to have a quiet evening in a restaurant or lounge having some smoothies,fruit drinks and good food. There are also a few casinos where gamers can also play and make some money.Nightlife in every city in Ghana is always lit as many Ghanaians are fun and interesting to hang out with. Ghanaians are also very good dancers and a night out in Ghana teaches you all manner of funny and epic dance moves.

Ghana is a place to go.Whenever the opportunity presents itself,don’t say no. Don’t have doubts. Just go!

A place of nice people,beautiful places and so much fun.Welcome to GHANA !!!

Credit : Jovago.com