There's something special in the Nigerian child — Iara Oshiomhole

By The Citizen
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Wife of the Edo State Governor, Mrs. Iara Oshiomhole, Tuesday launched her pet project christened 'We Care Trust', and her passion for the less privileged glowed.

Flanked by her husband, Governor Oshiomhole, and the Chairman of the State Economic Team, Mr Godwin Obaseki, the First Lady described Nigerian children as special, saying the children were always happy and full of joy, no matter the circumstance. She explained that the mission of the project was to care for underprivileged Nigerian children.

'Let's come together and let's choose love'
Mrs. Oshiomhole who said she was very passionate about the needs of children said: 'When I came to Benin, I saw little children full of love, joy, clapping their hands, dancing and singing, welcoming me. I remember coming here, feeling overwhelmed with their love, the joy that these kids showed me. I remember these little children that live in some not-too-beautiful condition. I feel the joy, I love them.

'I remember that people that were with me couldn't keep their eyes from tears. Everybody was shedding tears. Meanwhile, these children were welcoming us as strangers into their homes, and some of them even into their rooms with all their hearts, full of love and joy. This is what I cannot forget. We have to be honest. There is something special about our Nigerian children. These children are naturally happy, and I cannot deny it. So, what we always hear is love, love, love. Love is something that grows. If you keep love, if you choose love, love will continue to choose you. So, my friends, let's come together and let's choose love. And we cannot do it alone; we have to do this together. We have to start giving this love back; we have to try to get these children a better life. We have to do that together. So, I am asking all my friends, family members, please help me in this. Thank you very much for listening and God bless you.'

'The need of the kids is everyday'
Speaking to reporters after the ceremony, Governor Oshiomhole said the project was purely the initiative of his wife. According to him, she paid a visit to some orphanages, and found that 'there are a number of children who are being cared for, but the terrible condition that prevail in many of the orphanages, and the fact that they don't have access to regular income to ensure the welfare of those kids. She felt that she should organize something on a sustainable basis that she can sustain even long after we have left government, to refocus public attention to those orphanages.

'This is what most people do once in a year, maybe during birthday or something: visit the orphanages. But the need of the kids is everyday. Then, she felt there has to be a more systematic way to provide support. It is purely her own initiative; it is purely her drive. As you can see for the first time, I had no remarks, because it is not my day. But I am happy that she thought about it.'

Over N137 million was raised from pledges and cash donations from donors who included Alhjai Aliko Dangote, who was represented on the occasion. - Vanguard.