Muslim Group Chides Nerc Over Power Drop


BEVERLY HILLS, March 03, (THEWILL) – The announcement of drop in power supply through the national grid from 5000 megawatts to 2,800 megawatts by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has drawn criticisms from the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC).

According to its Director, Prof. Ishaq Akintola, MURIC, in a statement, described the drop has an ugly development as he went on to remind Nigerians that poor power supply has been the bane of the Nigerian economy for more than three decades.

He blamed previous administration for not nipping the situation at its bud but touted the incumbent president to provide a lasting solution to the plight.

“The implication of this prolonged non-performance is that successive administrations have been long in quest for power but short in service delivery,” he said.

“Apart from corruption, there have always been wide gaps between planning, political will, transparency, implementation, maintenance and sustenance.

“This is where we want the Federal Government (FG) to turn its floodlight. Nigerians have seen government's plan for reform in the power sector. It looks credible and it is already being implemented.

“Presently there is iron-studded political will as manifested in the pedigree of President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB). Transparency is the middle name of the Buhari administration. But we must not get stuck when it gets to maintenance and sustenance.”

Akintola advised that a water tight security arrangement would forestall any subsequent act of vandalism which could further plummet power supply.

“A water-tight security arrangement must therefore be made for power facilities. Apart from the police and the army, NERC can create a security unit to watch its installations throughout the country. This unit can be made up of citizens from the local communities employed for that purpose.”

Akintola questioned the motive behind the constant power supply in the first three months into President Buhari's tenure declaring that some people are determined to impede the success of the current administration.

“These agents of darkness may not want PMB to succeed and like those chief executives appointed by former President Jonathan in the twilight of his administration, they may be actively sabotaging his administration.”

He noted that no country could attain technological breakthrough without steady electricity adding that the Federal Government should initiate a foolproof security system for power installation.

β€œIn conclusion, FG must go back to the drawing board to evolve a foolproof security system for power installations and to fish out saboteurs among the discos. Consumers must have access to meters without tears. Crazy bills must stop.”

Story by David Oputah