Alleged Child Abduction: More Light on The Ese Oruru Case


It was a traumatizing 6 months for the parents of 14year old Ese Oruru, who was kidnapped from her hometown in Bayelsa state.

After appealing to the government and several human rights organizations in Nigeria, a break was finally made in the case of the young girl and according to reports, Ese, was allegedly kidnapped by a known customer she sells food to named Yinusa, who took her to Kano to marry her to one Inuwa and convert her to Islam.

The controversy surrounding the mysterious disappearance of Ese, has raised speculations that the 14year old eloped with the boy who she was in love with and had not been kidnapped. To the relief of her parents, the Nigerian police force was able to locate the girl and also arrested the perpetrator, Yinusa.

In an interview with the sun newspaper, Ese, claimed she was not aware that she was being kidnapped and is not involved in a relationship with Inuwa. She also claimed not to have recognized her mother when she saw her at first at the Emir's palace. According to the interview, she did not marry anybody but was converted to Islam and can now speak Hausa fluently.

She seemed very unstable but felt sad for causing her mother so much pain. Details of the alleged kidnapping remains sketchy but investigations continue as Yinusa, remains in police custody.