I Dislike A Lady Who Puts On Hips Pads, Or Fake Bum— Emmanuel Ikubese On What Turns Him On/Off In A Lady

By GreenScope Media

Former Mr Nigeria 2014 is no doubt a ladies’ man. With his handsome features and endearing personality, he is someone most ladies would love to have in their corner.

But what are his preferences in a lady? What turns him on and what turns him off?

The actor, TV host and model shares that and more in this interview with TheBriefNg.com

On the 5 things that turn him on in a lady
In no particular order, they are:
– Her Personality: It’s one thing that really gets to me. I appreciate someone who brings light and positive vibes to an environment with the way she talks and comports herself. Then she has to be kind and polite.

– Intelligence: I like a woman who is very intelligent, someone who I can share ideas with. Someone who can challenge me and talk about creative stuff.

– Confidence: I like a woman who knows what she wants, who is confident in herself and everything she does. From the way she dresses to how she walks and talks.

– Sense of humour: A woman with a great sense of humour, who can take a joke and understands that things are never that serious. Someone who is happy and fun loving.

– A good listener: A woman who listens and can practically tell you what you said in a previous conversation you had.

On the 5 things that turn him off in a lady
In in no particular order, they are:
– Arrogance: I dislike a lady who is very arrogant, someone who feels she is on top of the world and wants to show off.

– Deception: Some people call it fashion but I dislike a lady who puts on hips pads, or fake bum just to feel among.

– A woman who acts like she is always right and never takes to correction.

– A woman who doesn’t know how to take care of her body and a woman who has bad breath.

– A woman who has no drive in life, no goals and aspirations.

On his ideal lady
My ideal lady is a strong woman who is down to earth, very ambitious and knows what she wants, she is intelligent, understanding, very supportive, and knows when to be a woman.

On his definition of love
Hmm love is a very complicated word to describe, but to me it is when there is no longer self in the decisions you make. Your decisions are centered around making that person smile and happy because if they are, then you are.

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