Yoruba Diaspora In Pakistan Demand Pakistan-Nigeria Trade Council To Further Deepen Trade Ties Between Pakistan And Nigeria

By Abdul Majeed
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Mr. Kayode.O.Johnson, Secretary General (YCNP), Yoruba Community of Nigeria in Pakistan disclosed that Yoruba Diaspora in Pakistan has demanded quick formation of Pakistan-Nigeria Trade Council to further deepen trade ties between Pakistan and Federal Republic of Nigeria” as Nigeria can play the crucial role of economic gateway to the whole of Africa which is rich in untapped vast natural resources.

He said that Incumbent President, Yoruba Community in Pakistan, Chief Abiodun Mustafa, Ilufemiloye (1) has strong faith in the Administration of His Excellency Mahammadu Buhari, President of Federal Republic of Nigeria to expand the network of trade links between Pakistan and Nigeria to strengthen the cause of “South-South Cooperation”.

He further added that Yoruba Diaspora in Pakistan is closely working with Pakistan Nigeria High Commission to realize the dream of Nigerians to attain Agriculture Glory through Pakistan’s cooperation, assistance and Agricultural expertise.

Mr. Kayode . O. Johnson, Secretary General (YCNP) said that Yoruba Community of Nigeria in Pakistan said Yoruba Diaspora in Pakistan is mainly dealing with Import-Export Business Ventures between Pakistan and Nigeria.

He said Federal Republic of Nigeria will soon emerge an Economic Tiger of African Continent and also implored the Lagos State Governor His Excellency Akinwunmi Ambode to visit Pakistan as huge potential opportunities are waiting in Pakistan for bilateral trade between Pakistan and Nigeria in the areas of Sports Goods, Pharmaceuticals, Tractor Machinery, Leather Garments, Textile, Sugar Plants, Petroleum refining parts, and engineering goods industry.

Pakistan’s top Exports to Nigeria are pharmaceutical products, cotton, man made staple fibers, cereals, machinery, plastics, footwear, vehicles other than railway, electrical equipment etc. However important items that Pakistan Imports from Nigeria include cotton, raw hides and skins, dairy products, vegetable, rubber and articles thereof, edible fruits etc.