5 Ways To Guarantee A Response To Your E-mail

Source: Jovago.com

Many of us have sent emails and waited forever for a response or reply without getting it. This is disturbing especially if it is a very important mail that requires rapid and immediate feedback. In addition, to your mail being ignored, you are unable to call to inform them that you sent them a mail and are awaiting their response. If this is a regular occurrence whenever you send an email, this article is for you as Jovago.com, Africa's No 1 hotel booking portal shares 5 ways to get guaranteed responses to your email.

Write in simple, readable language
An email is not a prose or a poem. It does not give you the poetic license or luxury to use vocabularies that the reader has to scavenge for a dictionary to check their meanings. Rather than writing your emails like a Wole Soyinka, write like a Chinua Achebe, you will definitely get a quick and prompt response.

Keep it brief
Emails that are limited to 50 to 125 words or two short paragraphs have a higher percentage of being replied. You do not need to write an epistle to get your message across. You have to keep it brief because so many people are very busy and rarely have time to read long emails. Oftentimes, long emails are neglected.

Three to four-word subject lines
The subject is the first thing that you see when you receive an email. Therefore, the subject has to be catchy, punchy and should not be more than three to four words. Simply, ensure that you take maximum advantage of the subject.

Ask question
A question is an interesting way to get a quick response to your email. This will strike a conversation between the sender and the receiver.This will definitely make the receiver respond. However, the question should not be more than 2 or 3.

Add an opinion
Adding an opinion to your emails should be smartly done so that its purpose will be achieved. While expressing your opinion, try as much as possible to ensure that your message has a positive tone even if you are complaining about a service or product. Same goes with sending a superior an email.