Postponement Of Anambra Central Senatorial Re-Run Election: Group Commends INEC

By Total Politics
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Move on Nigeria, a Socio-Political pressure group committed to the enthronement of democratic norms in Nigeria has commended the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) over its decision to postpone the Anambra Central Senatorial re-run election previously scheduled to hold this Saturday.

In a statement issued to journalists in Abuja, the group said the move by INEC showed there is the hand of God in the affairs of Anambra Central Senatorial Zone where the people have been mourning and crying to be given the opportunity to freely elect a candidate of their choice. He said INEC action further raises hope that Nigeria may eventually return to the path of true democracy where institutions of government respect court rulings.

“INEC has demonstrated resoluteness in helping to consolidate the rule of law in Nigeria and ought to be commended”, the statement said.

The National Coordinator of the group, Mr. Clem Aguiyi explained that INEC decision to postpone will helpcreate a level playing field for all the parties that will participate in the election, especially now that a court of competent jurisdiction has ruled that PDP should participate in the election.

The group regretted that it was the confusion over the disqualification of PDP by INEC that panicked Senator Ekwunife, the PDP flag bearer to jump into APC so as to enable her run for the re-election. It’s now left for PDP to quickly put its house in order and validate the candidacy of Mrs. Uche Ekwunife if it is serious about participating and winning in the forthcoming re-run, since it is only the candidates who previously ran for the election that will participate in the re-run.

“The People’s Democratic Party must realize that it has no choice but to field Ekwunife whose brief tenure as Senator and stewardship as Honorable Member of the House of Representatives has been that of responsibility and accountability.

‘By now, PDP ought to know the price of losing elections hence the need to close ranks and validate the nomination of Ekwunife who, on record, has been on the winning streak since her foray into politics”, the statement added.

In reaction to statements credited to the APGA candidate Chief Victor Umeh which cast aspersion on Justice Anuli Chikere (JSC) and her ruling on the matter, the group expressed worry that Chief Umeh could descend so low as to castigate the revered jurist intoning that the politician is desperate to become Senator at all cost other than through the ballot box.

“What is shocking is the impudence with which the APGA candidate is pursuing his agenda. It is becoming clear to all and sundry that he is afraid of facing any tough opponent. He is a solid politician but if you ask me I will tell you this is not his time to become a Senator. He should first of all work hard to change the awful narrative that has built up around him and his style of politics’.

Move on Nigeria reiterated its commitment to democratic principles and expressed willingness to work hard towards ensuring the same is entrenched in Anambra State where elections are known to be acrimonious. In his words, “We will continue to collaborate with relevant institutions and especially INEC to ensure that the rule of law is respected ‘

Earlier in the statement , Mr. Aguiyi has said Appeal Court ruling which nullified the Anambra Central Senatorial Election in the first instance was a travesty of justice which ought not to be allowed to sustain because of its negative implication to judicial integrity.

He said the appeal court assumed jurisdiction where it has no jurisdiction thereby rendering its judgment null and void. The best thing that can be done is for the Appeal Court to own up to the mistake it has foisted and correct same otherwise the Supreme Court should be approached to quash the judgment. ‘The injustice contained in the judgment is all too obvious to be ignored or allowed to stand’ he added.

Issued by Clem Aguiyi/ Move on Nigeria (08034747898)