Rights Group Raises The Alarm Over Fresh Threat From Shiite Sect

By Abu Duniya
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A human rights group, the Centre for Social Justice, Equity and Transparency (CESJET) has expressed disappointment over the federal government's handing of the role played by Iranian government in the Army/Shiite clash last December.

The group in its submission to the commission of inquiry set up by the Kaduna state government to look into the matter said the federal government has treated the threat by the Iranian government to the Nigerian people over the detention of the leader of the Shiite movement in Nigeria, sheikh El Zakzaky with levity.

The submission which was signed by CESJET legal adviser, Edward Omaga Esq said the Nigerian government ought to have expelled the Iranian ambassador to Nigeria to show it will not tolerate outsiders meddling with issues that has to do with security of Nigerians.

It reads in part, "that the commission should ascertain the extent to which Iran has supported or supporting the Shiite sect financially or in terms of weaponry so as to ensure that Nigeria is not facing the birth and nurturing of a new insurgency

"that the commission prevail on the federal government of Nigeria under the impeccable leadership of president Muhammadu Buhari to borrow a leaf from countries like Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia by severing all diplomatic relationship with Iranian government forthwith as any relation with a belligerent country like Iran will add no value to Nigeria.

"that the commission recommend the expulsion of the Iranian ambassador to Nigeria, Saeed Koozechi on the ground of undue interference with the internal affairs of Nigeria

It insisted that the continue stay of the Iraninan Ambassador in Nigeria is a threat to national security and the lives of our citizenry and therefore should be disallowed.

The group threatened to drag the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to court if they fail to act in line with their mandates to protect lives and property of the citizenry from extremists, terrorists and others who threaten our existence.