5 Ways To Squeeze In Some Fun On A Business Trip To Warri

Source: Jovago.com

Cramped seats, impromptu delays, traffic jams, frayed nerves and fatigue are usual in the course of a business trip. However, travelling for work does not mean you cannot experience everything a city has to offer, especially if the destination is Warri, Delta State , Nigeria. With just a bit of forethought and a little research, it is still possible to make the most of your business trip and find time for fun.

Jovago.com, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking site has some ideas on how to squeeze in a little bit of fun next time you are visiting the old riverine town for business.

Add on a day of vacation
The moment you confirm a business trip to Warri and you have been asked to turn in a budget and plan, try and structure your trips in such a way that you can have extra time, possibly an extra day to yourself. Plan to go a day before or leave a day after; or even better, plan to head out over the weekend. That way, you can use the extra day or two to explore the city, engage in fun leisure activities or just take some time out for yourself

Go with your ‘significant other’

Any kind of trip is much more fun when you have love around. A very good way to spice up your business trip and squeeze in loads of fun is by taking your wife, lover, girlfriend or love interest along on the trip. Most times on business trips, your flight and hotel are already catered to, and many companies would not mind if you bring anyone else along, so long as you do not bill them for extra costs incurred. Warri may not be ‘Paris”, but you have a lot of opportunities to enjoy a mini-vacation with your loved ones as well, while on a business trip.

Create your own cultural guide
Warri may be considered a metropolitan area, but it is still rich in culture and local traditions. Rather than sit and get bored in your hotel room, go out and explore! Take a camera with you and take pictures of interesting things you find, you could even make short videos or Keep a journal of your gallivanting. Nearly every locale in Warri has something interesting, it could be a strange activity being performed by a local, an unusual but historical sight, or a minor event. Do not just experience it, record it and save it to your list so you can share it with the next person traveling to Warri.

Go on a foodie tour
Food makes everything better. On a business trip, you do not pay for your own food, so take advantage of the situation and ensure you eat really good, tasty and healthy food. Of course, you could stay in and order in room service, but a little effort can uncover an interesting feast just about anywhere else. If your hotel does not have a fancy onsite restaurant, there are a number of appealing eateries and bistros around town. If you are feeling adventurous, seek out the local food hangouts within the city and try some of the native cuisines. You are bound to have an exciting time.

Meet up with a social media contact
Warri may not be as aware in terms of tech as Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt, but most hotels offer Wifi for their guests. Take advantage of the internet and do some virtual networking, then take it up a notch by connecting face to face. Social platforms like instamessage help you locate people close to you that are willing to meet up for a chat. If you already have someone from Warri that you have been chatting with for a while, use your travel opportunity to actually meet that person you connected with online. If nothing else, you could, at least, get treated to free drinks, great meals and a fun experience.