Channels TV, Award-Winning Broadcaster in Nigeria, Joins AudioNow® to Expand Mobile Reach

By AudioNow

March 1st, 2016 - Washington, D.C. Channels TV in Lagos, Nigeria announced a partnership today with AudioNow® to increase mobile audience by expanding access for its audiences in the U.S. and the U.K. Through the partnership diaspora listeners can now access the live audio feed for Channels TV through a simple telephone call from any mobile phone.

To listen to Channels TV in the U.S. call: 605.475.4550

To listen to Channels TV in the U.K. call: 0330.332.6369

Channels TV, an independent channel founded in 1995, became the first 24 hour television channel in Nigeria and today reaches an audience of over twenty million people throughout Africa and the world. Dedicated to national news and current affairs programming the station has received the Best Television Station of the Year award from the Nigerian Media Merit Award Trust ten times in the last fourteen years.

Listeners calling in will connect immediately to Channels TV's live broadcast and have the option to hear popular programs they may have missed due to the difference in time zone. Popular on-demand content includes: Sunrise Daily, Business Morning, Network Africa andPolitics Today. Calls use mobile minutes with no extra cost. No Internet or smartphone is required.

AudioNow® is the worlds largest Call-to-Listen platform and a leading provider of interactive mobile applications for broadcasters. With its proprietary HD voice technology AudioNow® connects over 3,500 radio and television broadcasters around the world, including industry leaders the BBC, VOA, Deutsche Welle and CCTV, to audiences representing 140 different nationalities and ethnic groups and speaking more than 100 languages.

At Channels TV we are continuously working to expand our reach globally. Now with the help of AudioNow® we can more easily reach our diaspora audience through a simple telephone call, said John Momoh, Director and Founder of Channels TV.

We know Channels TV is a trusted news source for Nigerians. The AudioNow® platform will help increase access to this programming for people outside of Nigeria eager for news from home, said Elan Bluntinger, CEO for AudioNow®.

For more information about Channels TV contact: Toyin Ogunlade at [email protected] , +234-805-223-3134

For more information about AudioNow® contact Natalie White at [email protected] , 202-621-2285