Michael Ubogu: A CEO With Impeccable Integrity

For years to come Nigerians would be celebrating a man called High Chief Michael Orobosa Ubogu whose uncommon honour and integrity has impacted greatly on the maritime sector in the past 9 years. In a country where everybody assumes that to get rich you must either belongs to cult group or involves in crook business, but Michael Ubogu has distinguished himself from such school of thought, that hardwork and creativity gives the hope of life.

In no distance to come, Sun Newspapers, Thisday Newspaper, Silverbird TV, Nigerian National Merit Award and other international media organizations would be chasing after a sought-after entrepreneur whose passion for the maritime sector has created revenue for the economy over the years.

An avalanche of commendations and comments from previous publications of Mindset Media Limited to High Chief Michael Ubogu, shows his tenacious capacity of building an entrepreneurial leadership of the Dangotes,Okoyas,Folawiyos,Jim Ovias, Elumelus and just mention but a few. His sterling qualities are just too many to enumerate. At 45 plus, Ubogu is not showcasing himself to the world but his Godly works speak volume of his personality. He has radiated a rare mix of humility, simplicity, firmness and integrity as well as corporate savvy.

These are uncommon virtues of Ubogu.He is an icon with a Midas touch; an outstanding, diligent, a thorough bred entrepreneur with dedicated faithfulness to his creator. Honesty and integrity has played a large role in his life, where many want to do business with him without hesitation,Ubogu has become a much sought-after boardroom expert where many corporate organizations want him to speak to them on the tips of business successes in Nigeria and abroad.

According to High Chief Michael Ubogu, said whether the economy is nose-diving or not, as an entrepreneur, diversification of business is the best option to greatness. The economy has really affected every Nigerian businessman but there is need to move ahead of other developing nations. There is need for everybody to give thanks to God always and that is why Micura Services Limited has make February of every year as general thanksgiving to God for sustaining the company to date. We have made spectacular achievements in the maritime sector and ready to improve more on services to clients.

The Executive Director of Micura Services Limited, Mr.Tunde Alapini, said Michael Ubogu is a brother and leader to me whose lifestyle has challenged me. We started Micura from a room but with commitment to all staffers of the company, we have able to increase our entrepreneurial productivity to a certain level in the stevedoring sector. Our goal to give our clients the best services, he said.

Mr.Edmond Okoro, Clearing and Forwarding department of Micura Services Limited, adding that Michael Ubogu is just like a father, mentor and brother to me. Toeing his path of legacy is my core assignment in life. One thing I admire most in the life of Michael Ubogu is a fast-thinker in business and I am praying that God should give me that knowledge and wisdom to toe his kind of life. He is destined to help many people and God has made him great in life.

Mr. Felix Oduvwu,a top management executive of Micura Services Limited, said Michael Ubogu is an easy-going man but very firm when it comes to business. I joined Micura Services Limited after two years of formation and God has been faithful to us despite some economical challenges but Micura has been giving quality services to clients over the years, he said.

Mr. Johnson Atalakpa, a friend and former co-worker in Michael Ubogu’s previous employment said, we worked together in one of the companies in Apapa,Lagos State, Michael Ubogu’s greatness never amazed me because he was a very hardworking man who thought of tomorrow greatness. He was not the type of person that gives room to shoddy work or involves in shady business but prefers passion, integrity and creativity in life, he added.

Mr. Gideon Okpure who once worked with Chief Michael Ubogu said, when I saw him in Mindset Media calendar 2015,I quickly reckoned the good old days I worked with him, where he displayed both passion and intelligence in his work. He encouraged us to be dedicated with our passion then, he is my mentor and the sky just is the beginning for a man that loves God to the core.

Finally, Chief Ubogu has become a quintessential model in the maritime sector and he has never allowed materialism to define his goal in life. He is gradually building a legendary gold in the maritime sector where his name cannot be easily forgotten in time. He has great love for details and a strong penchant for perfection and in entrepreneurial eloquence, Ubogu is one of the best in Nigeria. He has never lived above his means rather putting all his undertakings before God.

Godday Odidi
Social Media Analyst

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