I Want To Be A Pastor Says Governor Bindow

By Tom Garba, Yola

The Governor of Adamawa state, Senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow begs Arch Bishop Lemuel Bappa of the Lutheran Church of Nigeria (LCCN) to makes him one of the Junior pastors of the Lutheran so that he govern well.

Bindow said this while addressing hundreds of Christians worshipers at the convention camp ground of the Lutherans in Demsa, Adamawa State during the annual convention of the church.

While addressing them he thank God for making him the Governor of the state through their support prayers, he promised to work for them through the manifestoes of the All Progressives Congress Party (APC).

"I want to be one of the Junior Pastors in this church I can continue working and doing the good work I'm doing in the state, God actually made me your Governor through your help,prayers and support and as such I cannot betrays this trust you reposed on me". He said

He reminded the mammoth crowds of his journey to Government House is predicate during his campaigns days when visited the camp and was prayed upon at the last convention, today the prayers of the Christians worshipers was answered by God Almighty.

"You remember during my campaign days last year, I came here and you people prayed for me to become the Governor of the state because you needed a change, God made me your Governor through your answered prayers". He added

He maintained that no body made him what he is but God and the people of Adamawa state, he is now a Governor of both the Christians and the Muslims

Bindow while quoting some verses in the Holy scripture he enjoin them to live in peace with one another and pray fervently for political office holders most especially President Muhammadu Buhari that God should give him a proper guide to rule the country well.

" live in peace with one another as is the only way we can comfortably work and bring the dividends of democracy for you people. For without peace there cannot be development".

Governor Bindow who went on company of the Deputy Governor, Marthins Nasir Babale and commissioners to thank them and seek for their prayers to lead them well in the state.

Arch Bishop Lemuel Bappa responded the Governor should govern with the fear of God and be good to all and sundry.