Ozzybosco Advocates Against Abuse Of Innocent Children, Pledges & Seek Support For Usman, The 4-Year-Old Victim Of Ritualist

By Yinka Awoyemi

Ozzybee a.k.a Ozzybosco Wonderkid is a 9 year old well-known kid artiste within and outside the entertainment industry.

Importantly, he happens to be a very loving and compassionate kid especially towards children. He has in no small measure put smiles on the faces of children in orphanage homes; hospitals; Atanda Olu School for the mentally and physical challenged; took 14 children on a week holiday to Tinapa in Cross River State, Nigeria amongst other philanthropic activities.

On this fateful morning, Thursday 25th February 2016, Ozzybee came into his mum’s bedroom to say good morning and stumbled on her phone where he saw on Linda Ikeji’s Blog, the picture of the 4 year old Sadiq Usman whose eyes were brutally gouged out by ritualists in Zaria. The pathetic pictures so touched the young artiste that he broke down and wept uncontrollably clinging onto the phone with his eyes glued on the lamentable photos of this innocent child. He was engulfed with so much emotions, pity and rage for the heartless ritualists who committed this heinous crime.

All efforts by his mum and nanny to pacify him proved abortive as he poured out his heart saying “why did they wicked this small boy like this; mummy! I want to see Sadiq to sing my SMILE AGAIN song and dance for him so as to make him happy”.

Team Ozzybee working under the auspices of OzzyBosco Smile Foundation (OSF) are moved beyond words, therefore have resolved to support this kid in carrying out his heart desires; to visit, extend love and play with Usman. We have also pledged OSF’s readiness to join force/partner with Sadiq Usman Foundation (SUF) to spread awareness and curb the rising cases of cruelty and abuse on innocent children.

This is time for all nations and indeed children themselves to rise to this challenge in order to save our vulnerable children from this gruesome injustice which has reached an epidemic stage especially here in Nigeria.

OzzyBee/OSF sincerely thank Mr Emeka Okpara, Director, Corporate Communications of Airtel for creating awareness and giving their full support to this kid and all others who in various ways have supported Master Usman Sadiq’s cause.

Nigerians, please extend love to Usman and pray for the children worldwide

…say a big Amen!!!