Julius Agwu ripped us off – Charly Boy

By The Citizen

In this season of 'clap-backs,' the scathing review of comedian, Julius Agwu's Valentine show by entertainment icon, Charly Boy, seems to have festered further, as the 'born again' comedian expressed that the Area Father greatly overstepped his bounds.

It would be recalled that 61-year-old Charly Boy had expressed in a post after Julius Agwu's 'Life As I See It' show at Transcorp Hilton on February 14, that the comedian turned the stage to a pulpit.

When Saturday Beats put Charly Boy on the spot on why he went that far with his 'review' of the show, he said it was because he felt ripped off.

Charly Boy told one of our correspondents over the phone, 'I did not think it was a big deal. Julius is like my younger brother. Several times, I have called him to give him my own little advice.

'I just felt ripped off. Like I said, I was looking at other people's faces and I could see the disgust. They came to laugh because there is so much frustration around. I came there to roll on the floor and laugh my head off.

'Rather, it was like a revival and I don't think it is right. He has not reached out to me. He only does that when he has a show and needs me to come and buy a table. There is no problem with that. I am not a comedian; I only gave my advice as a big brother.'

The nature of Agwu's comedy has significantly turned religious since he survived a surgery to remove a brain tumour in 2015, which he described as a way of being given a second chance by God.

But Charly Boy told Saturday Beats that Agwu would do better to either stay as a comedian or become a priest.

An Instagram post of a cheaply bejeweled man whom Agwu called 'Charly Boy role model' on Wednesday, had been seen as a subtle fireback at Charly Boy.

To this, Charly Boy said, 'I don't care if he took it badly. If 'yabbing' me makes him feel better, he should go ahead. I have given my opinion; end of story.'

However, when Saturday Beats tracked down Julius Agwu via the telephone, he explained that he was in the US for his medical check-up.   The comedian said Charly Boy was being immature.

He said, 'I did not post that picture because of what Charly Boy wrote about my show. I posted it simply as a joke. I hold him in high esteem and respect him. What I did has not changed me from the comedian that people knew. I had an encounter with God and I am using that show to tell the story of God's glory in my life.

'Charly Boy has my number. If he was angry, he could have reached out to me as a younger brother. This is not the first time he would be attending my show. That particular show was meant to honour God. He had a choice, he could have refused to come.

'My God will answer Charly Boy on my behalf. It is God's work I am doing now, so it is God that he is mocking, not me. Nobody mocks God.'

Julius Agwu told Saturday Beats that he was never a protégé of Charly Boy and so did not see any reason why he should pander to his wishes.

'Check our records and compare, who is a better role model for our generation and those unborn between me and Charly Boy. I am concentrating on getting my health back fully. My life is just starting,' he said. - Punch.