Between Buhari & Jonathan

It is glaring that President Mohammadu Buhari has no political direction to pilot the affairs of Nigeria than throwing unnecessary blame games on former President Goodluck Jonathan who came into power by divine providence while the former came into power by Nigerians who felt change must come into existence. For the Nigeria’s economy to be nose-diving, indicates that the All Progressives Congress (APC) at the federal level only used the ‘Change Mantra’ to deceive Nigerians to vote massively and never fulfilled the magic leadership promised in 2015 general elections.

The poverty rescue mission and leadership development being promised by President Buhari’s government only succeeded on the pages of newspapers and social media platforms while some social media writers of the ruling party went viral to describe former President Goodluck Jonathan as ‘Clueless leader and Ineffectual Buffoon’ that cannot take Nigeria to the promised land. While President Buhari’s leadership is being technically described as ‘Inconclusive government with mendacious propaganda.

The reverse is now the case where the present government is impoverishing Nigerians with incompetent hands to handle the economy of the country. The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) ruled Nigeria for 16 consecutive years and promoted corruption and allowed few people to enrich their pockets. Either the APC or PDP has any political future for the Nigerian youth.

President Buhari came to power with many political promises and only denied some of the promises recently as mere media propaganda from desperate writers in Nigeria. None of these promises made had been technically fulfilled as a result of many propagandists in his government. Those that praised Buhari as the best President ever elected in Nigeria are now crying for economic revolution in the country.

With the present economic situation shows that this government never prepared for national leadership with errors and omissions in the 2016 budget submitted to the National Assembly. This government has technically failed to fight Boko Haram insurgence to stand still in the last eight months while human beings mean nothing for these criminal elements. It is now difficult for a common man on the street to eat three square meal per day in this government.

The eating ratio now 0:1:0, 1:0:0, 0:0:1 while in Jonathan’s government, the eating ratio was manageable. Nigeria has depended solely on mono-economy which has adverse effect on the present government that fails to assemble economic experts to proffer solutions to the dwindling economy.

Moreover, all the foreign trips embarked recently by President Buhari, has not yielded any positive result than breeding hardship to many Nigerians in the country. In as much as we criticized former President Goodluck Jonathan, he had a robust leadership structure where economic experts were employed to proffer solutions to the economy but political propagandists have taken over Buhari’s government to the debris for selfish interests.

Even in Jonathan’s government, electricity was partially guaranteed but Buhari’s government, there is short of power supply.unemployment,scarcity of food items, increasing in dollar against naira, leadership inefficiency, security challenges in the North East and just mention but a few. This present government promised to tackle all these problems if elected and many Nigerians were overwhelmed to queue behind a man many called’ Messiah’ against former President Goodluck Jonathan.Presdent Buhari’s aides keep defending his foreign trips which had not yielded any economic change than breeding penury among Nigerians. One issue that many social writers failed to address is that President Buhari never promised Nigerians at his inaugural speech any significant agenda to follow than ‘I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody’. To my own definition, President Buhari simply means, he has no political agenda for the country. Those that run the past government with venomous write ups are now burying their heads in shame.

The commonsense advocate, Senator Ben Bruce must be commended for his political advocacy on the present Buhari’s government 9 months of this administration; no achievement could be traced than inflicting hardship on the people in spite of the unflinching support being demonstrated by Nigerians at the 2015 elections.

Former President Goodluck Joanthan took a right decision to accept defeat and allowed democracy to prevail. No doubt about the past government, cesspool of corruption and security challenges was well-pronounced. There is need for the Minister of Finance and CBN governor to honorably resign and allow competent hands to handle the economy right away.

Finally, if President Buhari continues with this kind of leadership to Nigerians, for sure, 2019 is no longer met for the APC than looking forward for another viable political party to save Nigerians from this poverty leadership.

Godday Odidi
Social Media Analyst

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