Goodbye To 4G, Welcome 5G-The New Definition Of Speed 

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It is not uhuru yet for 5G or fifth generation of wireless technology. 4G is still the trend for now but its funeral is nigh as it will soon go moribund and replaced by 5G. In summary, 5G will leapfrog 4G thus making it irrelevant.This is an inevitable future which quite a handful of technology companies like AT&T, Verizon, and Google among others are presently spending billions of dollars to make it a reality. 5G will become the new definition of internet speed. So what does the arrival of 5G into the tech world truly mean? Innovation village identify 4 incredible ideas.

Download movies within 5 seconds
5G will allow movie addicts to download high-definition movies in less than 10 secs. This is super fast when compared to the 8 minutes it takes 4G to perform the same download. You can see the astonishing gap. But, 5G internet will not come cheap as tech companies will have to install new towers and hardware to enable 20 gigabits per second. The 20 gigabits per second will make it possible to download a full-length in less than 5 seconds. A long way to go but like they say it is not rocket science!

Connect millions of new devices via networking

Speed may be the focus of fifth generation technology but there are other purposes it is meant for. It can connect millions of new gadgets from smartwatches to wearable technology and other Bluetooth devices. All these gadgets will be linked to your mobile phone thus simplifying the syncing process. It can also help in monitoring your devices through the use of sensors embedded in these devices. Interesting!

Uber will respond extremely fast to cab request

Uber unarguably controls the taxi industry globally. You can request for a Uber cab using their android app. If 4Ginternet is fast for you. It is not fast enough. 5G will ultimately shrink the time in which Uber cabs respond to your cab request. Minutes you can say? But considering the Lagos traffic, it may take a bit of time but the difference will be clear and noticeable. This also goes for driverless cars. The faster the internet speed, the closer we are to driving anonymous cars. Wow!!!

No more complaints about internet speed
Nigerians lament about the fluctuating internet services they get from telephony companies and other service providers. Your lamentation will soon end as the 5G revelation and revolution will soon take over. You will even be awed by the speed and request Mr. 5G to slow down. But remember, 5G will not come cheap!