Today & Tomorrow Not Much Difference.....Hon. Rotimi Makinde

By Itunu James

Not long ago, Jesus Christ came and spent just 33 years to fulfil his purpose, so also Prophet Mohammed (SAW), he died at 63 years. They both came and subsequently departed this sinful world. Where is Papa Awolowo of blessed memory today? Late Gen General Murtala Ramat Muhammed spent just 38 years.

That is nature. Politics is man-made though endorsed by God, not long ago Gov Adam Oshiomole was elected for second term, so also Gov Segun Mimiko, by September and November of this year 2016, fate would decide who would take the battaon of leadership and their eras would end and they shall join the populace as ordinary citizens.

Those in power today are almost a year on the throne including our dear Mr President. Certainly their four solid years will roll out within the twinkle of an eye. And we shall begin the circle of another set of temporary political drivers. Where would you be as one of today's pilots and what would become of your legacy when you are no longer in power?

However, without mincing words, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed is being celebrated today for so many reasons. It is no longer news that he produced the most celebrated government, produced the most celebrated minister, persons and institutions. He is the most celebrated politician of our time, just like our past and celebrated heros like Awolowo, Azikwe, Tafawa Balewa of the yesteryears.

He is not just a super being but just a person born with divine call to serve humanity and someone who is doing so with every venoms in him, generous and humble to a fault. Today, you are in power, in government or in money, be kind to take a stock of your personal humane treasury and be honest to yourself to ascertain how many persons or groups you've been able to touch positively and be kind to apportion appropriate marks as applicable.

This Power is temporary and so also the life, unless you take it as a challenge upon yourself to challenge your today to please your tomorrow.

Hon Rotimi Makinde is immediate past Deputy Chairman House of Representatives Commitee on Human Rights and actively represented Ife Federal Constituency of Osun State in the 7th Assembly.