4 Tips To Enjoy A ‘Healthy’ Happy Hour In Abuja

Source: Jovago.com

Abuja boasts of a number clubs, lounges and pubs that serve a variety of beverages: spirits, cocktails and wines, and every fun-lover in Abuja appreciates the need for happy hour at the end of a long day or on weekend nights. But then, while the happy hour is a much-needed bonding time, it is important that participants keep tabs on their calorie budget. The key to a healthy lifestyle is 'balance' ,therefore eating or drinking to excess while at your favorite bar’s happy hour can have serious repercussions on your health.

If you enjoy having a “happy hour” while visiting Abuja, but you are striving to live a healthy lifestyle, Jovago.com, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking site suggests 4 tips to help you enjoy a ‘healthy’ happy hour in Abuja and stay responsible in your consumption.

Order low-calorie beverages
Most people are unaware of the facts but, some alcoholic drinks actually are fattening and unhealthy as they are high in sugar and consequently calories. Skip the sugary options, especially cocktails and go for wine. If you insist on a cocktail, ask the bartender to skip the simple syrup or agave.

Some alcoholic brands are low-calorie, find out them out and request for them when you are at the bar. If you love spirits as well, go for vodka and mix with club soda. Club soda is not only sugar-free, it keeps you hydrated which is helpful when drinking.

Hydrate between drinks
While drinking and having a good time, remember to slow down. Do not be constricted by peer pressure, limit the number of drinks you gulp down and order water or club soda to take at intervals, possibly in between your drink orders. Heavy drinking can only lead to hangovers when your body is dehydrated. If you drink water in the same quantity to your booze, there is a slim chance of you going overboard.

Snack smart
Happy hour drinking usually comes with a lot of snacking. Fries, chicken wings, barbeque, salted nuts etc may be offered at a great price, and may seem like a good combination for your beverage, but they may not the best option if you are keen on staying healthy. If you are peckish and looking for what to nibble on while guzzling your beer or cocktails, go for something high in protein and low in fat or grease. Seafood like shrimp and fish, keep calories low by filling you up until dinner. Even better, to eliminate this temptation completely, eat a proper healthy meal before you go to the bar.

Try a happy hour at home
Having a happy hour at home not only saves your waistline, it cushions your wallet, ensuring extra coins or notes are removed from it. A happy hour at home does not have to be alone; you can invite your friend or co-workers over for a drink. A chill at your place of residence puts you in charge of the kind of drinks and food you consume through the time. You can ask your friends to bring light snacks to ease some of your hosting duties, but essentially you control the kind of cocktails that are served, its ingredients and frequency.