TMercy Drops Debut Single ‘Bakan Bakan’

By Bola Tito

Sensational R&B singer, TMercy has sauntered into the Nigerian music industry with a bang. The new name, which is scheduled to rock the Nigerian music industry with soulful melodies, has made his first debut with the song titled ‘Bakan Bakan’.

Born Oyebola Oluwaseyi Korede but widely referred as TMercy, the singer's voice shows mercy and compassion to fans - most especially the female audience- while showing no mercy for shyness and non-hit songs.

With the release of his ‘Bakan Bakan’, TMercy has been dubbed a hitmaker by music enthusiasts that have dissected and professionally criticized the work of art.

The song Bakan Bakan’ is all about showing or expressing your feeling for a girl you true love with a believe that she should understand your advances towards her but ignores with no attention or gives no chance to care about expression, TMercy narrated.

TMercy, a Clinical Chemistry graduate of the Federal University Technology of Akure explained his relationship with music despite working in the laboratory while on campus.

'Music is like a passion, gift and it’s something that once you do it, you would love to go back to it again and again even if you stop doing it or you quit from it, your mind won’t go of it,' he said.

He also commented on the emerging youths dominating the music scene saying 'music is meant for the gifted and for the talented ones, though many people are doing music but the good music see the light of the day and once your music is exceptional, the competition or fear of breakthrough is easier.'

The young and amazing music act adore Africa’s famous twin singers, P-Square saying the two are not only motivators but unique mentors in the Nigerian music industry.

In his words, ' I have listened to many Nigerian artistes, but on contrary ‘Peter and Paul Okoye are both exceptionally with their style of music.'