Lere West Re-Run Election: APC Is A Party Of Impunity, Rascality And Election Injustice In This Country

By Tom Garba, Yola

People voted for change because they truly want to see things are changing for good, PDP was send out because people were desperately and tired of the barbaric style of leadership experiencing with PPD, sorted for a change using even their bloods to search for it because of the destiny of Nigeria must change for the better.

Like some will say it " I believe in Nigeria but I don't believe with the kind of leadership styles we have been having". We are indeed having a leadership problem in this country, my intuitive mind is telling me APC has come to settle scores with PDP, relegating all act of leadership to fighting the opposition parties.

Nigerians wanted a saviour party where by now we ought to have been singing a song of salvation that we are all glad we made it to the promised land , the song would have been into the rhythm and lyrics of every voice in Nigeria.But in every corner and part of the country is a story of daunting Thomses of "Until I see it I believe it, until I touch it I can feel it".

It means to say nobody is feeling anything good and nobody is touching anything tangible as regards our economy and social life being of all Nigerians in the country.

Worst of it all INEC whose mandate is to conduct a credible election of whatever type and form but are failing contributing in destroying the entire electioneering process becoming one of the corrupt organ of elections in this country.

The Lere West House of Assembly Re-run election of Kaduna state conducted last weekend was truly an indicator that the ruling party is never going to be a party that will safe a common Man in Nigeria.

PDP was massively chased out because of imposition, Impunity of all sorts, Elections irregularities etc. In this last rerun election where my eyes have seen more than what I can say or imagine, I imagination only become nothing than a common man is still not yet fought the freedom fight.

APC using the incumbency power and deployed hundreds of Police men and dozens of other security in Garun- Kurama ward the home base of Dr Matoh Dogara, molesting and threatening the whole community not to come out for election.

Garun-Kurama people which despite all odds came out massively and exercise their franchise right behaving orderly wanting peace to prevail in conduct of the election at all cost but the security working in agenda under the supervision of the kaduna state commissioner of police constantly visiting the main flash points of PDP wanting to disrupt the elections.

In one of the villages call Makwarga where it was reported that the member who is representing the Lere in the Federal House of representing under APC, Alhaji Lawal Buge- Buge organised Boys to snatched all the ballots boxes in the local area and they were repelled and as a result two people lost their lives. When security got wind of the information refused going to that area because of a deliberate attempt to stop PDP not to win the election.

Imagine an APC stalwart representing lives but will organised tugs to kill people in the name of winning election.

Where is justice of the party who claim they are more justifiable than PDP?, where is fairness in this sense of a party that used high standard style of rigging against a popular candidates and possibly the right person that has the voting right of the majority?

I see our democracy failing if it goes this way, I see APC failing in this country with this kind of corruption tendencies

In the collation centre were all the manipulation of the rigging took place it was a show down of power by both the commissioner of police, sss and all manner of security arsenals connived with the electoral official and declared 11 polling units as wasted votes against Dr Matoh Dogara who would have gallantly won the election.

I swear those units were cancelled not because they were any elections manipulations or rigging but was a calculated attempts to halt Dr Matoh Dogara and PDP from rising up from political slumbering.

But the question one will ask and keep on asking is that; Is this the kind of change we want to change the country? For how long we will continue in the circle " we want change"? I no! I can see the failing of an eroko tree If the right thing is not properly done

All the polling units in that ward card were properly followed all the elections procedures, card readers were well used.

But is unfortunate to say that an eye witness who is from Ramin Kura Ward ward narrated to me that, no security agents were seen monitoring the election, except vigilantes and man o war agents, card readers were not used in some polling units.

In Some units the thugs even over powered the ad hoc staff by thumb printing all the ballots papers to advantage of APC candidates and those ones were not equally cancelled, where is the fairness the ruling party profess?

We voted for change and it must start from smallest unit of the fraction that constitute a whole fraction of the change mantra.

The story is the same in Gure and Lere where APC is having upper hands. All the strong holds of APC are not properly monitored, people were allowed to do whatever they want to do.

I can't imagine a free and fair re-run election was conducted in Lere west of Kaduna state.

This change must be in the bottom, change in the top, change in the lengths and widths of the entire governing system. In fact change for all people and every where in this country.

The ruling party must go back to it's manifestos where its categorically stated is "change! Change!! Change!!!",which is for good not for bad and be fair to all because all " Animals are equal". Remember " Justice for one is Justice for all"