Toyin Aimakhu Accused Of Adultery By Seun Egbegbe, Get The Scoop!


BEVERLY HILLS, February 20, (THEWILL) – Yesterday there was a bit of drama on Twitter after a Nigerian boy schooling in the UK, with Instagram handle @twyse_116 opened up on his life frustrations in what seemed like a suicide note.

He wrote: “This is likely to be my last post. I’m sorry. Wanted to delete evrything but I got respect fr y’all. Full story on Twitter. I’m out

On his twitter page, he posted: “I’m about to flood ur timeline guys, feel free to unfollow or block me if it gets disturbing

. I’m frustrated I can’t lie and yes I’m too emotional n I got issues I know. Didn’t realise how frustrating life cld be for a viner till I stated making videos on IG. I mean we love d craft but I think that’s just our escape from reality.

Most of us are dying inside and feel the only way we can be happy is by making other people around us happy. I mean I’m really fucked up for real

. My family n relatives have bn a whole bunch of ducks up creations. I’m just wondering why God ever created them. .

Thank God for my mother and bro – willteg. Man wld have committed suicide right before this day . I’m at the point whereby if I cld find a gun, I’ll just shoot my brains out and forget I ever existed. Life is really meaningless to me right now. I go to uni, work a minimum of 9 hours a day just to find money to pay my fees, my bills and rent but all to no avail. .

Figured out I cld Make Instagram videos to escape d pain but it just doesn’t work out tht way. My relationship with my exes fcked up just because I’m sick Up in my brain. Got a number of fans but still choose to be an introvert. Sold my cam to balance my course fees just fr me to hear tht it’s too late. Fuck everything. .

I won’t be making any more videos frm now henceforth I’m sorry. Thanks to everyone who ever supported n stood by me, u are d only family I’ve got thts why I cherish u way more than u cld ever imagine. This wld be my last words n I’m gone for good.

God bless y’all n for those who’ve ever Seen me as an inspiration to them, I’m sorry shit had to go this way. I really am. Keep believing. Dreams do come true, mine just seems like an impossibility . I’m sorry Mom

. N most of all my fans out there.”

While many beloved the post to be a desperate publicity stunt by the young man who's also a comedian, Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu took the matter quite seriously and appealed to fans to help find his number so she could contact him.

She went on to post videos of herself with tears streaming down her face, begging twyse not to commit suicide.

PLS SHOW THIS VIDEO TO HIM,I SPOKE TO HIM FEW DAYS AGO PLS @twyse_116 I KNW YOU CAN SEE THIS PLSSSSS I BEG YOU I TOLD YOU,YOU ARE SO TALENTED PLSSSSSSSS.. I knw you can see this pls just trust me on this pls I beg u plss I love so much

A video posted by TOYIN AIMAKHU (@aimakhutoyin) on Feb 18, 2016 at 4:14am PST

@twyse_116 pls don’t do this I spoke to you,u got talent u got talent pks I love u plssss @twyse_116 pls help me plssss…pls help I knw what I’m talking abt pls

A video posted by TOYIN AIMAKHU (@aimakhutoyin) on Feb 18, 2016 at 4:32am PST

Luckily, disaster was averted as the suicidal comedian was stopped before he could do anything drastic.

However not long after, we got reports that Toyin's phone's had been seized by her new lover, Seun Egbegbe following her melt down. According to messages received by Instablog9ja, the actress had threatened to leave the movie marketer after she heard he was an “armed robber.” Her reaction to twyse's suicide note he believed is because she's having an affair with the comedian.

A message from one of the actresses understudy read:

“Hi instablog pls we noticed aunt Toyin Aimakhu was helping about the guy that wanted to commit suicide in the UK, all of a sudden she didn't say anything again and the next min a guy started uploading pictures and we tried calling her but it was just curses that was rained on us pls and she's not at the location where she's supposed to be pls. I'm dead serious I'm her student.

U see uncle Niyi did something terrible to my boss so she started dating this uncle Seun but last week, aunt told some of us her students that she wants to get over uncle Niyi that's why she is dating uncle seun but last week wen pple started talking, she told us she was gonna break up with him cos she got a lot of mails from her fans abt uncle seun.

I guess she told uncle seun abt breaking up with him so he said never so aunt said she will be smart abt it so she came to Lagos to see him so today I got to her we left for location so the suicidal guy thing came and they r friends, so uncle seun now called her that she's sleeping with the boy that's why she's doing all that on IG, so he came to location and was shouting and collected her phone so aunt gave me signal to run away so since then we've not even gotten tru to her. I'm crying pls help us tell the world cos dating is not by force”

Though we've been unable to ascertain the credibility of these stories, Aimakhu's usually active Instagram page has remained inactive all day today.

However, Toyin lover, Seun Egbegbe has responded to the rumors that he might have kidnapped her with an Instagram post where he wrote: “Lol this is funny I don't do this but I really think Is needed# cos i need to clear my hand off what I was wrongly accused of#is it possible for a man to kidnap his woman living in his house as house wife#if I kidnap her who will pay the ransom ask by the kidnappers #am in my house when I read a post on Instagram that I kidnap my wife @aimakhutoyin #let just give a clue of what happen #i was at home in my living room this morning when my friends and family called me about toyin post on Instagram that she post another man as her crush# and crying about the man on her page ur husband doing everything I want for u that is what is called adultry ,she left from my house this morning to kemi Korede movie shooting so I was angry and I went to the movie location I took her phone from her#cos I don't want a slap on my face anymore#i guess taking that step is not too much me #how can I kiddnap a woman with my car of millions of naira# I won't say more than dia but I know very soon the truth will be out soon#but the comedy I love about the all story is that she said I kiddnap her phone she kiddnap my rangerover jeep”