Former Minister Accused Of Undue Interference In Son’s Marriage

By Fun Code Media
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The 2015 general election may have come and gone, but the recorded loss on the side of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) as the ruling party in Nigeria alongside the frustration from the unexpected breakdown is still lingering in the lives some Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan’s aides.

One of the lingering frustrations has rendered the Ex-president’s former female Minister of state Foreign Affairs and later state Education into presenting herself as a decision maker in the homes of her married children, especially the current and uncontrollable burning marital crisis.

According to our Canadian source, the former Minister who hails from one of the Southeastern States in the country has made herself a mini-god in the lives of her male children, which makes it unbearable for their wives to handle family issues without the widowed former Minister’s interference.

Barely five years after their marriage, our source informed that it’s been war between the former Minister’s daughter-inlaw and son over her undue and unhealthy interference in the relationship of her children’s marriages.

As informed, the current happenings which has escalated to the very level of the daughter-inlaw being locked out of her matrimonial home by her husband after being manhandled and abused by him has been a matter of review before the Nigeria Police and Human Right office in Abuja.

Not only that the former Minister influenced the reason to what made her son to lock his fully married wife out from their matrimonial home, she also went further to separate the daughter-inlaw from her two daughters who are of two and three years old through alleged abduction.

A plan she perfectly carried out with some unmentioned cohorts, our source further stressed that they equally seized her academic papers, traveling passports, Canadian residential documents alongside her personal belongings.

Over the failed move by the Nigeria Police to intervene into the matter, we were informed by another of our source that the State Commissioner of Police in one of the Southeastern States withdrew his men from it, even as he tagged it a marital issue that his commission cannot handle.

Meanwhile, a move was made to get both parties interviewed but they all turned it down, whereby avoiding Press presence which may end up going a long way in tarnishing the images of the both influential families involved.