British Immigration And Passport


BRITISH immigration and passport how do the world see it?, many said the british passport is one of the most powerful passport on earth on visa free to many countries. As we all know british people are very strict in laws. But I start to ask my self that if any one holds a child's british visa or an invite british passport against the child's wish won't it be an offence? And if any one hide or holds any ones british passport, or any form of country passport what will be the punishment?

IT IS AN OFFENCE TO HIDE ANY ONES PASSPORT VISA against the owners wish, if I may ask do I have a passport un known to me? And if the world government investigate and finds out that I have a passport sent to me that was hidden from me during the x president jonathan administration of nigeria from the U.N, . . . british government, or canada be it usa government what will be the punishment to those funny hands that had hidden the passport from me. .message from kadiri taiwo. My facebook I d is:[email protected]­­­­­­ contact 08062521574.........­­­­­...

Facts about me: I have taken no money on a winning prize to had won the nigerian first lady from the nigerian government on same sex marriage during the x president jonathan administration of nigeria and I have not yet been given a super contract or good medical care by the federal government of nigeria.

Lastly I have taken no charges cash from x governor fashola of lagos nigeria on not meeting up on vows and promise and also on same sex marriage, I have not chosen ogun state government nigeria for a same sex marriage but I state ted that president buhari office of nigeria and the federal government of nigeria should let me know if I am on a list to marry abuja and the federal republic of nigeria on same sex marriage, as this will be better than the public sending me different types of talks every time I want a now notice on this not a future notice.

I am educated with a bsc and I have not involve in drugs, I saw it on muhammadu buhari page that president buhari mum died and I start to remember when my dad and grand mum died also years ago but this president mother that died love his son so much and which kind of woman can we call her to had given birth to an hausa young man that grew up to become a president of nigeria 2 times and who is me taiwo kadiri am I NIGERIA?

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