Rivers PDP Urges Police To Interrogate Davies Ikanya

By Rivers State PDP
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The Rivers State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP is surprised to note that the unfortunate incidents of last week where some fellow Rivers people lost their lives in Omoku, ONELGA Local Government Area, are now being politicized by the All Progressives Congress, APC in the State.

A statement from the office of the State Chairman of the PDP, Bro Felix Obuah and signed by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Jerry Needam regrets that the opposition in the State rather than show concern for the acts of lawlessness by hoodlums in some parts of the State and sympathize with the families of victims has chosen to play the role of a judge.

More worrisome the PDP stated, is the incitement being induced by the All Progressives Congress, APC in the State through its megaphone, Davies Ibiamu Ikanya who has formed the habit of laying claim to ownership and party membership of victim(s) of any dastardly acts anywhere in the State just to create disaffection between the ruling party and the rest of the people.

This attitude of the APC State chairman, and mouthpiece according to the PDP no doubt casts a question mark on the genuine intention of the APC, moreso, the interest in using the news of the dead ones to curry favour from the unsuspecting members of the public without any efforts to reach out to the families concerned.

It’s common knowledge in African tradition that trivializing and joking with the dead ones is more killing and abominable than the actual physical killing which the APC’s Ikanya is yet to understand.

The PDP therefore sees it as dangerous politics to always rush to the press as the State Chairman of the APC, Davies Ikanya has done in this particular case just to cast aspersions not only on the PDP but also on security agencies for not doing the needful, instead of empathizing with the situation and using his position to assist the security agents by providing clues to unravel those behind the mayhem for prosecution.

The PDP also wants Mr Davies Ikanya to be invited and interrogated by the police for admitting to be in possession of the video clips of the incidents which means he was privy to the killings and to also explain how he knew those who masterminded the act.

It’s against this background that the PDP believes that Mr Davies Ibiamu Ikanya should know more than he has admitted through his utterances about the alleged killings and should be interrogated to give further explanations on the issue.

The PDP however sympathizes with the families of those who lost their loved ones in the unfortunate incidents, stressing that no reason or cause can justify the taking of one’s life by another.

“We therefore without any reservations condemn the unwarranted waste of lives not only in ONELGA but also anywhere across the State and beyond.

It’s ungodly, criminal, stupid and unacceptable to avenge or address any misgivings through blood-letting. This is barbaric and obtains only in the animal kingdom.

May we also enjoin our security agencies to intensify their efforts in arresting insecurity in the State, arrest and prosecute anybody convinced to have been directly or indirectly involved, encouraged, abetted or behind the killings..

The PDP administration will never condone any act of lawlessness against any citizen of the State or those doing their legitimate business anywhere in the State irrespective ethnicity, religion or political affiliation etc.

The Governor Wike-led government is all inclusive and for all Rivers people”, the State PDP chairman, Obuah declared.

Jerry Needam
Special Adviser on Media to
State PDP Chairman, Bro. Felix Obuah
Tuesday, February 16, 2016.